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2021 Projects | A Look Back with Kallie

Senior Designer Kallie comments on a few of her favorite graphic design projects from 2021 …   Beneblends Logo This one was just fun! I mean, what’s not to love about bright colors and fruit in a logo design! Laura, our client, was opening a smoothie shop and had a logo that just wasn’t working for her and wanted to enhance it. We were able to take the best elements of the old logo and give it a fun, modern twist that was perfect for her new business. Learn more about Beneblends >> Smashcake Package Design First of all, this product package design was right up my alley. When we […]

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Packaging Design

If you manufacture any sort of product, you know how important packaging design is. Regardless of your industry, there is a bevy of competing products. So how do you get your product recognized and ahead of the competition? Color Colors not only affect your mood, but they make a statement. We automatically and involuntarily associate certain colors with sensations and emotions. There is a sub-text of concept that comes with each color (red means stop or danger). The human mind likes associations, and as vision is one of more powerful and most relied on senses, the use of color logically can be used to influence people. There are vast tomes […]

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