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Tingalls is proud to be awarded the InBusiness' Executive Choice Award for 6 consecutive years.

Whether you’re looking for a starter website or redesign to better connect with prospects, Tingalls has you covered. Since 2000, Tingalls has launched hundreds of websites for businesses of all kinds – large and small.

Simple, Easy-to-Read Quotes

At Tingalls, our simple, line-item quotes help clients understand all aspects of their project. We steer clear of technical jargon and encourage questions throughout the project.

Stress-Free, Engaging Process

Our design process starts with a kick-off meeting to learn about your company and its uniqueness in the market. This extensive intake provides our team with clear direction and sets expectations upfront so we nail the design on the first pass, saving you time and money.

Unrivaled Turnaround

With multiple designers on staff, we have the ability to turn your website’s initial design in about a week … seriously. We’re like the Jimmy John’s of the digital world.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our content-based SEO approach is simple … find the right keywords and strategically put them where search engines are looking for them. Might seem simple but you’d be surprised how often simple steps are missed.

You Own your Website

Lastly, Tingalls is fully transparent in all aspects of your project and believes when your website is complete, you should own it. Period.

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Website Platform Options
Choosing the right website platform is an important step in the website design process. Our two most popular options listed below, both offer simple website editors, mobile friendly and responsive code, available plugins and apps to extend functionality, and offer the ability to have 100s of pages. That said, they are quite different:

Choose Squarespace if:

  • You need a website online within 2 weeks
  • You’re looking for a simple start-up website showcase your business products/services
  • You want a one-stop shop for your email, website design, and hosting

wordpress Logo

Choose WordPress if:

  • You’re looking for an upgraded “website 2.0” design that will showcase your brand and convert visitors to leads
  • You’re done with templates and need a true, custom-built site with a user-friendly page editor/builder
  • You need to integrate third-party apps such as job boards or want to showcase elaborate project or photo portfolios

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