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For over 20 years, Tingalls has been Madison’s award-winning graphic design partner. Our extensive portfolio includes branding solutions for over 1,100 businesses and nonprofits. Eye-catching logos, original print pieces, and one-of-a-kind websites are our specialties. With an initial design in five days or less, we have the experience, resource, and talent to get it right and on time.

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Built on the referrals of happy customers, Tingalls has developed logo, print and web design solutions for over 1,100 businesses and non-profits just like yours. We take the time to learn about you and what makes your business click. We start with your goals and work backwards to create a marketing plan that gets results.


The supportive, collaborative culture of our company combined with the exceptional design talent of our team is the "special sauce" you won't find anywhere else. Ours low stress, high fun work environment fosters sketching breaks, team-building, and ongoing professional development to keep skills polished.


While our clients don't use the drive-thru outside our building, they often comment that we probably could we're so fast. Whether you're looking for an event logo, advertisement design, new pop-up for your tradeshow or some quick website edits, we turn your project around within five business days. How? Our streamlined process gathers all the pertinent details upfront so our design team hits the ground running. This eliminates revisions saving you both time and money.

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