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5 Unique Ideas for Email Marketing

Your next email marketing campaign doesn’t have to be the same cookie-cutter content you’ve used time and time again. Instead, think content that connects your customers to your business ethos. It is most likely that what’s important to you is important to the people your business attracts. So, don’t be afraid to get excited and creative with your next email newsletter.   Here are five awesome ideas that we at Tingalls Graphic Design think will inspire you to take your email marketing up a notch.   1. Put a Face to a Name You know that your team is your best asset. Show them off and build brand loyalty in the process. Use your […]

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How to Get Subscribers to Open Your Emails

It’s not easy to find and keep subscribers to your email newsletter. That makes it all the more frustrating when the majority of them don’t actually open your messages. You can’t get results from your email marketing campaign if no one bothers reading what you send, so how can you get subscribers to make your newsletters a priority in their inbox? Here are a few quick tips to help you out… Use Catchy, Intriguing Subject Lines In general, you want your email newsletter subject lines to be short, timely, and attention grabbing. It’s important you don’t go too far to get readers to open your message, though. Anything that looks […]

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Make Your Marketing Emails Count

Did you know that email marketing can be as much as 20 times more cost effective than other marketing methods when you’re trying to reach your customers?  But how do you create emails that get opened, engage the reader, and build value for your company? Tingalls Graphic Design has gathered a few tips to help you draft better emails and reach your customers with cost effective marketing. Be Trustworthy. People don’t want to open spam and they’re afraid of opening anything that might look suspicious. This means you have to identify yourself with a recognizable name. Make sure the from line in any email you send clearly identifies your company […]

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What Can You Control and Influence in Your Marketing?

The three circles above represent your marketing (digital or off-line) and your marketing’s ability to attract leads. Your marketing content – the actual messages you communicate and to whom you direct those messages as well as where you distribute them and how frequently — is what you can control. By targeting who it is you are creating your content for, directing your messages to, as well as where you distribute them and how frequently you create and distribute those messages all work to influence those who discover/receive your content and messages to the end goal of those folks inquiring further about your products or services, or even making a purchase. […]

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Boost Your Business through Lead Nurturing

Getting a lead or a hit from a web visitor is a great first step in securing a new customer, but it is only a first step and certainly doesn’t guarantee you’re going to earn that person’s business. And beyond getting their business, don’t you want to keep their business or have them as a repeat customer in the future and then make them an ambassador of your company, spreading the word to their friends and family and turning them into customers too. Lead nurturing is something every business should focus on to get new customers, keep old customers, and convince them to refer others. Hubspot says that “78% of […]

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Direct Mail Brings Home Charitable Donations

Charitable causes that aren’t reaching out to their donors through social media and direct mail may want to reconsider their fundraising efforts. A recent study from Campbell Rinker found that a direct mail appeal for donations was more than three times likely to receive an online gift as a response than an email was. The study also found that among donors that were aged 60 and above, online donations as a result of direct mail rose from 18% just two years ago to 30%, clearly showing that direct mail is hitting its target. Thirty percent of the younger set, donors under the age of 40, said that they contributed to […]

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Are You Effectively Using Your Mobile Marketing Budget

The phone, or mobile device, has evolved so much that people now carry their photos, their calendars, their personal data with them at all times and constantly refer to it to stay connected with loved ones and the world around them. Obviously, this hasn’t gone unnoticed and marketing to people on mobile devices has become a huge business. In 2012 mobile ad spending in the United States is expected to hit $2.6 billion and by 2015 it’s predicted to be slightly less than twice that amount. But is this money being spent effectively? Many people are having a hard time adapting to this new technology and are approaching it as […]

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Professional Copywriting Services – NEW!

Tingalls Dzyn offers professional copywriting services for your website, emails, print, tradeshow and other materials. At Tingalls Graphic Design well-crafted written messages work hand in hand with eye-catching designs to engage the reader in the most effective, targeted and persuasive way. What you say is important! General Writing – Create content that gets your message across in the most effective way possible while shedding a positive light on your company and increasing credibility. Blog Writing – Blogs are a great tool to reach out to your customer base while establishing a company voice. Promote your business on a regular basis in a way that encourages lasting relationships. SEO Copywriting Services […]

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Are You Unintentionally Holding Back Your Online Marketing?

Have you heard people talk about marketing online and off-line (i.e. print ads) as if they were completely different animals? This might have been more common even just a few years ago, but now, of course, we know that the two can be connected, especially with the rise of social media and next-generation smart phones. Even though they might recognize this evolution on a conscious level, some business owners continue to treat their online and off-line promotions separately. This isn’t the biggest blunder in the world, but it is one that can hinder either marketing strategy from working to grow your business as effectively as they could. Here are three […]

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Benefits of Email Marketing for Realtors

Email marketing – when done right – provides a great opportunity to grow your client base. What is email marketing? – A piece of your marketing strategy to stay top-of-mind – A way to be seen as an expert in your industry; the “go-to” person – An avenue to keep in touch with prospects to turn them into clients Is it effective? Email marketing is most effective when you provide valuable, timely information. Keep your newsletter to 2-3 short snippit articles that direct folks to your website for additional information. Remind them why you are unique, i.e. You specialize in new home buyers, condo sales, etc. ** For sample articles, […]

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