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5 ways to promote your website content

Compelling website content is crucial to attracting a new website audience. Read on for five strategies to help promote it and grow your viewers Continue reading

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Tingalls Graphic Design Adds New Creative Writing Service

Fitchburg’s graphic design and website developing agency, Tingalls Graphic Design has recently added copywriting to its growing list of offerings. To continue to build the culture and meet client demand, Tingalls has brought on a professional copywriter, Catherine Bell, to support the new service. With the growing opportunities in the area, Tingalls is taking on more business than ever. All their employees are excited about the opportunities to come. Tara Ingalls, the Owner, expresses how the addition of copywriting services will impact the business. “Having professional copywriting as a service is a tremendous asset to our clients,” said Tara. “With Catherine’s extensive writing experience, we will be able to expand … Continue reading

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How to Use SEO Keywords on Your Website

Want to learn how to use SEO keywords to get your website found and drive more traffic to your site? We’ve got the information you need plus a handy SEO checklist to get you started. Continue reading

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5 Smart Ways to Optimize Your Website for Google

By Catherine Bell, Copywriter To be successful, your website has to be more than just a pretty face. Your site also needs to provide a great user experience and attract the attention of the Google search engine. This means that the SERP (search engine results page) is critical to the success of your site. Luckily, we have five easy ways to get your SERP looking and feeling great. 1) Keep It Fresh Your website content should be relevant, well-written and original. Keep your content fresh with regular updates and posts that engage with your readers. Including testimonials and reviews will create user-generated copy that will be on target and interesting … Continue reading

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15 Great Blog Topics You Can Use Today

Every marketer on the planet knows you need lots of fresh content to attract attention from Google and succeed with search engine optimization, but getting started on new blog posts can be difficult. Continue reading

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Content that Counts: The Golden Nugget

Content that counts comes in many forms. This isn’t your first day on the Internet – odds are you have a Facebook account, Twitter feed or even more. Have you noticed any patterns? Everything happens at light speed, in short tiny bursts of concentrated information. This is counter intuitive – the assumption is that audiences want detailed and elaborate explanations of services and products, events and everything else. Continue reading

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Where’s your blog?

It’s 2015 and the New Year is a great time to make some resolutions about your website, arguably your most effective marketing tool. You’ve been thinking a blog for a while now, but is it really worth the effort? The answer to that is a resounding yes! Continue reading

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Keep It Short: The Benefits of Brief, Clear Content

In a world where we’re berated with information, the last thing most people want is long-form copy that’s more metaphorical than understandable. Don’t get me wrong, there’s always room for a brand’s personality & style to shine through. But we have to be as clear, brief & impactful as possible when broadcasting our messages — both electronically & in print — while making sure we connect on an emotional level with our audience. Some great examples of this are “Just do it,” from Nike, and “Think Different,” from Apple. Even this blog post is designed to be incredibly short. It’s a great exercise for our minds, which trains us to … Continue reading

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