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Why Your Best Website Design Company Isn’t a Website Design Company

Why Your Best Website Design Company Isn’t a Website Design Company | Tingalls Graphic DesignAlthough we post a lot of material on our blog about website design and development, the fact is we do a lot of other graphic design and marketing work, as well. And, if you’re serious about growing your business, you should work with a creative team that has lots of different specialties and capabilities—all under one roof.
In other words, your best website design company probably isn’t a website design company at all … it’s a creative team like Tingalls Graphic Design that starts with your brand and messaging strategy first, then applies that to your website design and not the other way around.
To understand why, you only have to think in a bigger-picture sense. Web designers are everywhere, with many of them using common templates to plug in photos, text, and layouts. But, a skilled creative team can not only build your web presence from scratch, but also ensure that all of your sales and marketing pieces match the tone of your company.
That means you won’t just get an online home that fits your business, but also a logo that encapsulates your branding perfectly. You can have landing pages that convert, but also back them up with postcards, sales letters, and printed brochures that make a strong impression. You can use online ads and social media, all while supplementing them with tradeshow sales materials that fit perfectly with your existing campaigns.
At the end of the day, you shouldn’t turn to a web design specialist to give you the designs you need. You should take your business to a creative team that’s going to work with you to generate sales, today and in the future, regardless of whether they’re coming to you from the internet or not.
Tingalls Graphic Design can help with website development, logo design, print, and so much more. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your upcoming marketing ideas today!