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5 Marketing Tools You Can Use Now to Increase Brand Awareness

Creating momentum for your brand is essential in the best of times. But COVID-19 has brought changes in our customers’ behavior and work environment that means we need to adapt our marketing strategies and fast! While working from home is the new reality for all of us, it doesn’t mean we can be slack on communicating with our customers. Using effective marketing tools that can reach our audiences at home and also when we all get back in a traditional work environment is crucial.

Marketing Tools

Here are five marketing tools to consider for creating the momentum that’ll reach them in the current crisis and long after it’s over:

Direct mail  (Newsletters, postcards, flyers, coupons, etc.)

Direct mail is still one of the best ways to reach out to specific consumers. Many businesses like the idea of direct mail because they can work on their own or in combination with digital advertising. Because it’s possible to personalize printed marketing material, direct mail has a friendly appeal too. Today’s printing services allow you to personalize pamphlets to speak directly to the recipient. One other benefit of printed brochures is that they are seen perfectly every time with no horizontal or vertical scrolling that can distract from the overall impression.
Direct Mail Marketing Image

Email Marketing

Marketing with e-newsletter tools like Constant Contact are a great way to build brand recognition and company loyalty. Well-written information with valuable, timely messages can reach your customers effectively while being very cost-effective. Keeping the articles short and directing readers to your website for additional information is an effective way to go. Deliver something of value, so it’s read and maybe even shared with family and friends. Plus, Constant Contact offers analytics to determine click-through and open rates.

Cindy Carlson Reiki E-Newsletter

Paid Online Advertising

Using Google AdWords expands your reach to a targeted audience of your choice. You can set your budget and pay-per-click (PPC) to make it work for your services or products. You might also consider Facebook Ads (as the below image shows) or other social media paid advertisements as another way to target an audience. The benefit of social media advertising is that it is slightly less expensive than Google AdWords. 
FAcebook Ad Example


Online video or live streaming on platforms like Facebook to reach your audience has become a very popular engagement tool. Webinars are a great way to pass on your knowledge and set yourself up as an expert in your industry. With a webinar, you’re able to give before asking for anything in return. By the time the webinar has been viewed, your customer already knows the value you bring. No matter if they buy or not, they walk away feeling better off than when they arrived.
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Same Storm, Different Boats Webinar

Content Marketing

Posting new, valuable, and well-written information on your website in the form of a blog or news item increases your search engine optimization and enhances audience engagement. Fresh content can present itself in a variety of ways, with each way addressing a select audience. Infographics, videos, white papers, e-books, and even photos are all examples of content methods that work. 
content marketing image
Tingalls Graphic Design uses a variety of marketing tools that will create an impact on your work-from-home audience. We translate your mission into words that target them no matter their work environment. We offer flexible, affordable design, content, and printing services that will meet your situation. To learn more about Tingalls Graphic Design’s services, contact us today. We’re here to help you and your business get through this!