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Creating an Online Video to Promote Your Brand

Creating an online video to promote your brand can achieve amazing results and provide an awesome experience for your target customer. Continue reading

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The Art of Writing Better Social Media Posts

Social media offers many benefits to businesses. Learn how to write a fantastic post for the best impact for your audience. Continue reading

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Yes, Google Can Hear You Now!

There are a lot of reasons to embrace online video marketing in 2017. It’s affordable, engaging, and can lead to explosive results in your social media marketing campaigns. There are even some signs that using video clips for introductions, product demonstrations, and testimonials can double or triple the response you get from a landing page. Now, things have gotten even better. That’s because Google has the ability to crawl online videos and incorporate them into search engine results in a way that it couldn’t before. To see how this happened, and why it’s so important, here are a few things you should know… How Video and SEO Used to Work … Continue reading

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Why You Should Review Facebook Insights

Do you ever feel as if you are flying blind on Facebook? Lots of marketers do. They realize that the world’s most popular social network gives them a great way to reach out to customers, fans, and prospects, but aren’t sure how to measure the progress they are (or aren’t) making. A good first step to solving this quandary is logging into Facebook Insights. It’s an analytics tool that’s provided for every Facebook business page you create, and can be accessed by anyone who has been designated as an admin for the page. Let’s see how you can use it to optimize your social campaigns and get more from every … Continue reading

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What Cats Know About Social Media Marketing

Forget ad agencies, YouTube Stars, and reality television personalities – the real winners of the social media revolution have been ordinary house cats. No matter where you look, they are chasing yarn, being “jerks,” and launching new memes. Cats probably collectively generate billions of likes and shares every week. And best of all, they do it without even trying. Regardless of whether you’re a devoted cat fan, or more of a dog person, you’d have to admit that felines get their fair share of attention on Facebook and Twitter. And for that reason, they are the true masters of the medium. It’s often been said that even if cats could … Continue reading

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How to Get More Facebook Likes Today

Every marketer wants to get more attention on social media, but making your posts stand out on Facebook can be difficult. You can expand your reach, and stay in your followers’ feeds more often, if you could generate more “likes,” shares and comments from your content, but how do you get that? We are glad you asked, because we want to share a few simple things you can start doing right now to get more reactions to your posts. Use the Right Format – Did you know Facebook gives preferential treatment to videos and images vs. straight text in news feeds? Instead of writing about an answer to a frequently … Continue reading

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LinkedIn Data Breach

(Copied from an email notice from LinkedIn.) You may have heard reports recently about a security issue involving LinkedIn. We would like to make sure you have the facts about what happened, what information was involved, and the steps we are taking to help protect you. What Happened? On May 17, 2016, we became aware that data stolen from LinkedIn in 2012 was being made available online. This was not a new security breach or hack. We took immediate steps to invalidate the passwords of all LinkedIn accounts that we believed might be at risk. These were accounts created prior to the 2012 breach that had not reset their passwords … Continue reading

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Which Social Media Sites are Worth Your Time?

One of the best things about social media marketing is that you can run effective campaigns by using your time and creativity, instead of cold hard cash. While Google AdWords and other Internet advertising systems require you to spend money on clicks, social sites can bring you customers if you’re just willing to spend a bit of your schedule. Of course, business owners and executives will all recognize that time is a finite resource, just as money is, and that managing effective social media campaigns can quickly eat up lots of it. That leaves them wondering: if we can’t do everything we would like to, where should we focus our … Continue reading

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Organic Reach – Facebook Marketing

What is organic reach? Why is everyone raving about Facebook marketing? What is it? The Internet simultaneously leveled and skewed the playing field for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The digital landscape of the 21st Century is very much like the Wild West of old – pioneers taking huge risks that sometimes pay off in gold. Bandits streak across cyberspace looking to make a quick buck and in between desperation and vast success there’s the rest of us, trying to make our way. The path to success in the digital Wild West is made more complicated by it’s mutable nature. Things are always changing. A few years ago, Facebook had this thing … Continue reading

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Social Media Now More Than Ever

The New York Times reports that a significant portion of its website traffic comes from Facebook. National Geographic reports the same thing as do a half-dozen other major media outlets. This trend has inspired Facebook to launch its new, “instant articles,” an addition to your newsfeed that will unobtrusively offer content from nine major publishers. That means that even more eyeballs will be glued to the Facebook feed. That’s a good thing for social media marketers. It also means that while users will be more focused on the social feed, there will be better, higher quality content to compete with. Make A Social Media Plan Determining where to begin and … Continue reading

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Google and Twitter: Partners

There’s a lot happening in the web-marketing world, specifically the re-unification of two giants. We’re talking about the new Google/Twitter Partnership. Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing Part 1 – Who Tube?

Everyone knows about Google – but did you know that YouTube is the second most used search engine? Read some more and learn how to take advantage of this fun and exciting tool. Continue reading

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Where’s your blog?

It’s 2015 and the New Year is a great time to make some resolutions about your website, arguably your most effective marketing tool. You’ve been thinking a blog for a while now, but is it really worth the effort? The answer to that is a resounding yes! Continue reading

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Triumphing with Twitter

To many, Twitter is quite the strange bird. Trying to figure out how to successfully use it can feel like attempting to get all the sides of your Rubik’s Cube (remember those?) to be the same color. The good news? It’s not as hard as it seems, but you’ll need to make a significant time investment if you want to triumph on Twitter. Let’s take a look at some of the best practices you can take to accomplish this, as well as whether or not Twitter is the right social media platform for your business to be on in the first place. Is Twitter Right for You? The easiest way … Continue reading

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The Best Way to Set Up a Facebook Fan Page

For many business owners, a Facebook Fan page can be a great asset in connecting with customers, sharing products or services, or stating your opinion on a topic that’s relevant to your audience. Setting up this page correctly is a critical factor in how successful it can become. We’ve seen Facebook Fan Pages set up in a way that actually hurts a business. That’s why Tingalls Graphic Design is sharing some best practices that you can act upon today. Step 1: Begin with Your Personal Facebook Page Since most people already have a personal Facebook page, we’re not going to dive into how to create one in this article. If … Continue reading

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A New Breed of Social Media Management Tools

In a recent post, Tingalls Graphic Design reviewed three very good social media management tools. But being the geek that I am, I recently decided to do some additional research to see if the landscape for these niche products had changed. Sure enough, it has. In this article, I’d like to share two of my favorite new social media management tools — Sendible and Sprout Social — reviewing the positive and negative aspects of each. SENDIBLE I’ve been using Sendible on a weekly basis for a little over a month. I first came across this app because I was looking for a social media scheduling tool that worked with Pinterest. … Continue reading

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Is Google+ Having a Negative Affect on Your Business?

Somebody once said to me that Google was looking to rule the world. And although this is probably not true, there’s a good chance they already own the virtual world. Google+ isn’t new anymore, but it remains a conundrum to many a business owner. Understanding how to use Google+ to your advantage can help with the overall authority of your website and blog — and ultimately help improve your bottom line. If you’re not taking advantage of Google+, Google knows and they may hold it against you. The good news is with a little guidance, which Tingalls Graphic Design is happy to provide, Google+ is a pretty easy platform to … Continue reading

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Creating a Successful LinkedIn Page, Part 3: Adding Connections

How many LinkedIn connections do you have? Did you know that the amount of connections on your LinkedIn account affects where LinkedIn ranks you? As a matter of fact, if you can attain 500+ connections, LinkedIn considers you a “power user,” which can give your page an immense boost in authority. Now just hold on, before you go and attempt to connect with everyone in your “people you may know” section, let’s examine legitimate ways to increase your connections so you can rise up in the LinkedIn algorithm while extending your reach on LinkedIn. 1. Search for colleagues you know (or knew) at your current job, as well as previous … Continue reading

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