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Why Infographics Work So Well as Marketing Tools

Looking for a new way to get your marketing message out there or highlight a case study? Your best bet might be to put together an infographic.
If you haven’t used one before, or aren’t familiar with the term, infographics are tips, guide sheets, and snippets of information that are designed to be easy to scan and absorb. As a leading Wisconsin graphic design company, we’ve put together dozens of them. In fact, you can see some of our favorite infographic samples here.
Aside from being great to look at, it turns out infographics are awesome marketing tools. Let’s look at a few of the simple reasons why…

Humans Think More Naturally in Visuals

Studies have proven that humans have the ability to process images 700 times faster than text. Additionally, visuals are more easily absorbed and remembered by our brains. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but an infographic can tell the story of an entire website or brochure in a simple and compelling way.
You can take advantage of this knowledge by putting important facts and ideas into a format that is easy for your buyers and prospects to take and quickly.

Infographics Lead Customers Through Processes

One of the big marketing challenges, in today’s attention-starved world, is getting customers to understand complex relationships and processes. Think about it like this: how often do you actually read instruction manuals?
By reducing big ideas into simple infographics, you can get buyers to understand the basics of what you need them to know. Once they have a sense of the big picture and overall idea, they can dig into the details on a video, manual, or live presentation.

Infographics are Easy to Share on Social Media

The internet runs on attention, which is why images are shared and commented on more than 20 times as often as plain text posts. So, if you want to grab attention on a site like Facebook or LinkedIn, using some sort of visual medium is your best bet.
Even your biggest fans aren’t likely to share things you’ve written on their social profiles, but they will pass around a well-designed infographic. Why not give them your marketing in a medium that is the easiest to use?

You Can Use Infographics to Persuade Buyers

One thing you might notice about our infographic samples is that we often use them to highlight important statistics and awards. These are the “facts” buyers tend to find most persuasive when making a decision, but they are also the hardest to convey through text.
Infographics can help you get your most important marketing details across, making them highly-effective sales tools for your business. View Samples >>
At Tingalls Graphic Design, we’ve won numerous creative awards – not to mention kudos from clients throughout Madison and beyond – because we tailor every marketing piece, effort, and campaign to a specific client. So, if you need a creative team that can help you hone in on your messaging and get real-world results, contact us today to see what we can do for you!