Tingalls Core Values & Office Culture

Company’s Core Values

Our core values represent our company’s heart. They are the guiding principles for not only how we work collaboratively as a team but also how we interact with our clients and community.

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We strongly believe in the importance of giving back to our community. We love to partner with small businesses and non-profits. In 2010, the Tingalls Giving Tree Program was created and has since donated over $120K to Dane County non-profit organizations.

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The Tingalls team thrives on collaboration. Most of our projects start with pencil sketches and a group brainstorm. We take frequent breaks and brisk walks around McKee Farms park to keep our minds sharp and prevent burnout.

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Tingalls has been in business for over 20 years and have grown from a portfolio of 5 clients to over 1100! What’s the secret? Honest communication, transparent pricing, and a quick 5 day turnaround. We never sacrifice the quality of our work by cutting corners and we take responsibility for our mistakes. Client satisfaction is our #1 priority.

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We are a team of life-long learners. Our employees receive 4 hours of paid professional development time each month to keep their skills in tip-top shape. We also encourage our employees to pursue other creative endeavors outside the office. We believe our clients should have opportunities to grow, too, which is why we offer “Munch-n-Learn” professional development seminars to Tingalls clients.

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A happy staff that’s having fun produces the best work. We value fun in our office culture as a way to reduce stress and build camaraderie. Off-site team builders, weekly card games, client appreciation parties, and friendly holiday competitions are all on the menu. We’re proud of our “work hard, play hard” mentality.

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We take pride in producing the highest quality design work and working with vendors who share this mentality when it comes to producing final products. If it’s not good enough to have the Tingalls logo on it, then it’s not good enough for our clients. We accept nothing less than the best!

Tingalls’ Office Culture

From the moment you walk into our space, you’ll notice our committment to a high-fun and low-stress work environment. Not only do we have an open floor plan to foster collaboration, but we also use our space for crafts, on- and off-site team building, socials and celebrated holidays including our Halloween Spirit Week and our coveted Christmas Decorating Desk Competition.

This dedication to both excellence in our craft and enjoyment in our space alleviates stress and creates strong bonds among our team.

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