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Why Your Business Needs a Logo Branding Guide

Does your company have a logo branding guide? If you’re scratching your head, probably not. A branding guide is basically what it says, it’s a manual with specific “rules” for how your company logo is to be used. While some of the items included in the guide may seem trivial or small beans, the guide makes sure everyone is on the same page as it pertains to logo reproduction, color, sizing, font usage and more. Consistent branding is a must for companies because it builds brand credibility in the eyes of your consumers. Your company has probably, collectively, spent a lot of time and energy coming up with the perfect … Continue reading

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Do I Have to Include LLC in My Logo Design?

We get asked this question a lot during our logo design process. Our advice is to include it so you’re covered. As part of your company’s entity formation, you are required to include the LLC in all of your forward-facing client correspondence. This includes your marketing pieces. Leslie Elkins,  Co-owner of  Kramer. Elkins & Watt, LLC says, “The only requirement for a logo is that it does not infringe on the rights of any other individual or entity. For example, if you try and use the Nike swoosh, or anything resembling that symbol for your new running shoes business, Nike is going to come knocking on your door with a … Continue reading

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Tingalls 7 Rules for Logo Design

At Tingalls, we have developed a reputation for being amongst the very best in Wisconsin logo design. However, while lots of clients tend to assume our success with branding has to do with an innate sense of artistic talent and creativity, that’s only part of the equation. In fact, we always try to adhere to seven firm rules about logos, and advise the business owners we work with to do the same. Here are seven things you need to remember if you want to end up with a logo that’s stunning, unique, and memorable.. #1 Keep Things Simple Often, clients have a lot of things they want to “say” with … Continue reading

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Choosing Colors and Fonts That Fit Your Brand

How do you choose the right colors and fonts for your logo, website, and other branding pieces? A lot of business owners will tell you they simply choose “what they like,” and that’s not a bad starting point. But, if you really want to establish and maintain an identity that’s going to help you connect with customers over many years, there are a few things you should consider before making a final decision… Go for emotion first – Every color elicits a different kind of emotion or response. Some are softer and cooler, while others feel more hot and engaging. Think about the tone you want to set (professional, exciting, … Continue reading

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Why Your Best Website Design Company Isn’t a Website Design Company

Although we post a lot of material on our blog about website design and development, the fact is we do a lot of other graphic design and marketing work, as well. And, if you’re serious about growing your business, you should work with a creative team that has lots of different specialties and capabilities—all under one roof. In other words, your best website design company probably isn’t a website design company at all … it’s a creative team like Tingalls Graphic Design that starts with your brand and messaging strategy first, then applies that to your website design and not the other way around. To understand why, you only have … Continue reading

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Tingalls Featured on

Tingalls Graphic Design was recently featured on Wisconsin Real Estate, one of the top sites for Fitchburg, WI Real Estate. This Website and Logo Design Company Provides Quick Turnaround, Collaboration and Pro-Bono Work By Kelly Church Offering custom logo design, illustration, print collateral, and websites, Tingalls Graphic Design is more than just a graphic design studio. Owned by and named after Tara Ingalls, the Fitchburg, WI company started out of Ingalls’ home as a freelance business while she also worked full time. She was nicknamed “Speedy Tara” for her quick turnaround and that’s something she hasn’t sacrificed even as her company has grown. “Our turnaround is something I’ve been proud … Continue reading

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Why the Best Logos Are the Simplest

Sometimes, when clients come to us for logo design, they ask that lots of different elements be incorporated into their visual identity. Their enthusiasm is understandable, but we always like to remind them that the best logos are the simplest. Less is definitely more when it comes to logo design. The reason is pretty simple: A logo is all about showing identity and personality. Its job is to generate an instant impression. When a logo is simple, it only takes a fraction of a second for a viewer to understand. It’s more memorable because it conveys instant meaning. When you lose simplicity, you introduce clutter and confusion. People have to … Continue reading

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Why Logos Should Never Start with Clipart

There aren’t a lot of hard and fast rules when it comes to designing logos. But, there is one piece of advice we could give to every designer and client in the world: You should never start designing a logo from a piece of clipart. Why do we have such strong feelings on this matter? Let’s explain… Great Logos Are About Creativity A logo has to be original, and should be created specifically for a certain business or organization. That’s essentially the opposite of what you get from a piece of clipart. Our logo design process begins with a thorough intake of our client’s background, their target audience and what … Continue reading

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