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10 Free or Cheap Ways to Market Your Small Business

Feeling swamped by the endless marketing options out there? Simplify your strategy with Tara’s expertly curated list of free or incredibly affordable marketing tactics. These often-overlooked gems can significantly trim your marketing budget without sacrificing impact.

How to Set Strong, Strategic and Measurable Marketing Goals

Join Tara in this engaging seminar as she guides you through crafting realistic, measurable marketing goals across various platforms. We’ll also review creating detailed target audience personas, a crucial step that informs where and how much to invest in your marketing efforts.

How to Optimize your Google Listing: 10 Secrets to Success

Your Google Business Listing is the modern-day Yellow Pages. An incomplete or inaccurate listing means missed business opportunities. Join Tingalls’ owner Tara Ingalls for this short webinar where she’ll uncover 10 ways to optimize your listing to help you rise above your competition.

Tingalls Marketing Momentum Bootcamp Coaching Program


Due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict, this event will be rescheduled for later this summer.

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Tara Ingalls owns Tingalls Graphic Design and has 25 years of marketing experience. Since launching her business in 2000, she and her team have created over 1,400 unique brands in various industries.

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