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Are Brochures Still Effective Marketing?

Effective Marketing | Tingalls Graphic DesignMost people know that a website is essential to market your brand. Those same people, however, often claim print is no longer relevant. That kind of thinking could be a big mistake. A physical ad offers advantages that online still can’t deliver. Print marketing has the advantage of being something your audience can touch and digest at their leisure. It’s also less complicated to design and economical to order. The first place your customers are introduced to your brand and where they will remember it is often through print.

Ask any marketing guru, and they’ll tell you coupling print with digital media proves to be an effective marketing strategy. It’s an approach that will set you apart from the competition. A brochure done well reinforces your company’s online presence and overall branding. A printed piece acts as not only an introduction to your services but also invites a new audience to find you online to explore your business further.

Four Reasons a Brochure is Effective Marketing: 

1) Targeted delivery

Not only are brochures easy to use – open the cover, and turn the pages – but they also allow you to focus your message without distraction. Putting a brochure into the hands of your prospects can have more impact depending on the audience and venue. Brochures also give you the ability to control how your messages are viewed – one page at a time to get across the words that are important to you.

2) Creates an impression

There are lots of options when creating your brochure. You can customize not only your message but the overall impact of the design. Because flyers are tactile objects, there is more scope to make a strong impression than through digital media like websites or emails. Size, stock, shape, weight, and finish can be used to create an impact. Different printing techniques like foils and embossing can be incorporated into the design of brochures to take full advantage of their tactile nature.

3)  Flexible Engagement

It is also possible to personalize printed marketing material to use with direct mail. Today’s printing services allow you to personalize pamphlets to speak directly to the recipient. Printed brochures have benefits that cannot be matched by a website or social media page. All your information contained within one package, as opposed to online, requires your audience to engage with the material rather than move from screen to screen. Your images are seen perfectly every time with no horizontal or vertical scrolling that can distract from the overall impression.

4) Cost

The quality of digital printing is continually improving. This revolution in the printing industry means that small quantities of high-quality brochures and leaflets cost less now than ever. And larger quantities can provide a lower price per unit, giving you more options for value now than ever before.

Designing a Brochure for Effective Marketing

You’ll see print marketing in the form of postcards, business cards, and catalogs along with brochures, guidebooks, and simple palm cards. The trend of creating more personalized print marketing is getting stronger and is a great way to create a multiple-pronged campaign strategy. There are many ways to get in front of your target audience with print effectively.


Some Print ideas to consider:

Event Brochure

Event Brochure
When you need to catch their eye right when they walk in – a well-designed, well-placed event brochure gives them the information they need right away

Tri-fold Brochure

Tri-fold brochure
A 3-fold brochure makes your information easy to layout in a logical way with great-looking images and room for a simple form if required

Mailable Cards

Mailable Brochure
Direct mail can still be a very effective way of catching attention and getting responses

Full-size Brochure or Catalog

Full Size Brochure
Full-size, high-quality print makes a big difference for those times when you need to impress


Palm Card
Concise and easy to display – palm cards give you lots of flexibility and make your branding stand out

Professionalism is Key in Effective Marketing

The factors involved when designing brochures require working with designers who know not only design but printing and print styles too. Tingalls Graphic Design offers a full brochure design service, including copywriting and print management, to provide a start-to-finish service for you. If you want to benefit from our extensive experience in print design, contact us for a complimentary consultation.