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Tingalls Graphic Design takes First Place for Website Development

InBusiness Magazine honors Tingalls Graphic Design with First Place in 2015 Executive Choice Awards Recognition by the InBusiness Magazine’s Executive Choice Awards is an honor highly sought after. Winners in a variety of categories are chosen by majority vote of 1000 Madison business executives. In an industry with a great deal of competition, the award for best Website Development Company is a difficult one to attain. “It is an absolute honor to be acknowledged with this award. Since 2000, my team and I have worked very hard to streamline our website design process for our clients so they feel engaged, excited and empowered from the initial meeting to the website […]

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Best Of Blog: Mobile Updates

Back in April, when Google rolled out its “Mobilegeddon” update, there was a lot of panic and disinformation zipping about. So Tingalls Graphic Design put together a few articles to make sure our readers had all the information we had, as soon as we had it. It’s been a few months and the “mobilegeddon” update did affect search engine listing pages (SERPs). So if you’re feeling out of the loop or want to revisit the issue, check out these articles. The True Cost of Lost Mobile Traffic If currently your website is utilizing optimal keywords and fresh relevant content, it’s a non-sleeping, never-surrendering, always on-time, no sick days salesperson for you […]

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On-going SEO through Blogging

When websites first became popular, it was a milestone for your marketing to just have a website that worked. But, like all technology, the web has continued to evolve – quickly and in many directions. A website for 2015 needs to be not only mobile-friendly, visually stunning and have new content often. A big measure of how Google rates a website is fresh and continuously growing content. This is a major switch from the website thinking of the early 2000s. Now, to stay well ranked on Google search results pages, you need to be timely and relevant. More and more successful online brands are making sure they have on-going and […]

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Packaging Design

If you manufacture any sort of product, you know how important packaging design is. Regardless of your industry, there is a bevy of competing products. So how do you get your product recognized and ahead of the competition? Color Colors not only affect your mood, but they make a statement. We automatically and involuntarily associate certain colors with sensations and emotions. There is a sub-text of concept that comes with each color (red means stop or danger). The human mind likes associations, and as vision is one of more powerful and most relied on senses, the use of color logically can be used to influence people. There are vast tomes […]

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Walk this way; talk this way (matey)!

We know you’re planning to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day with some timber shivering jargon – but at Tingalls Graphic Design, we’re taking it to the next level. On Friday the 18th, before Talk Like A Pirate Day, we’re hosting a 5K Pirate Run! Avast, it’s true, and we’d love you to join us! The suiting up for the run starts at 2:00PM. Here are some tips for the Tingall’s 5K Pirate Run: Costumes You don’t have to have one, but when a crew of pirates gets going, you’ll feel kind of left out. An eye patch, bandanna or parrot will work fine. A warning about the parrot – […]

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Web Design by Design

Websites – by now it’s a staple of any successful marketing mix. But there are shades of grey between the black and white of a good or bad website. The difference between “a website” and “the website” is more than just cosmetic. A good website offers simple, positive user experiences (UX) and turns visitors into customers. The criteria for good UX changes from day to day. Which is why you should select your website designer and developer carefully. Web Design Trends Using the word trends makes the art and science of a website seem flippant or seasonal. It’s not. The ideal website not only incorporates the latest best practices for […]

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Tingalls Culture

At Tingalls Graphic Design, we work really hard. Taking ideas from our clients’ minds and turning them into a visual reality is challenging at times. We work just as hard to keep our creative work fresh and innovative. To do this, we embrace some non-traditional methods. Spoons By now, if you’re a client or a fan, you’ve heard about our Spoons competitions. We value the importance of working with a clear mind and sometimes a little game of competitive Spoons at the pub table in our office does the trick. Work Environment Tara Ingalls, the owner and creative director of Tingalls Graphic Design has taken major steps to make sure […]

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Organic Reach – Facebook Marketing

What is organic reach? Why is everyone raving about Facebook marketing? What is it? The Internet simultaneously leveled and skewed the playing field for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The digital landscape of the 21st Century is very much like the Wild West of old – pioneers taking huge risks that sometimes pay off in gold. Bandits streak across cyberspace looking to make a quick buck and in between desperation and vast success there’s the rest of us, trying to make our way. The path to success in the digital Wild West is made more complicated by it’s mutable nature. Things are always changing. A few years ago, Facebook had this thing […]

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Love Your Logo

The history of logos is long and varied and somewhat out of the scope of this piece, but take just a moment to think about the word “brand.” The term your brand comes from ranchers who branded their cattle – a mark of ownership or representation of a product. Did you know? Carolyn Davidson, who designed Nike’s swoosh in 1971 was originally paid $35 for her work. The brand was a simple mark, widely spaced characters that were typically the owner’s initials.Leaping back further in time, to medieval Europe, the personal brand was elaborate, but also printed much larger for quicker identification. Heraldry, an individual’s personal standard, varied greatly, but […]

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Web Design Part II – Tools, Terms and More

Web Design 2016 and Beyond Part II – Tools, Terms and More Last week (link) we talked about the history of the Internet. Websites are inherently dated products, as much as any print collateral you might generate. Trends in design and technology wash across the web as surely as they do in fashion, film, and any other form of technical art. Anybody can spot an “old” website – and even though they still work, websites should be thought of as software – something you invest in and continually update. Language of Web Design Perhaps the hardest part of the web design process for clients is the nearly foreign language that […]

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Web Design: 2016 and Beyond

It seems hard to believe, but web design has been a “thing” for more than 20 years. In those two short decades business as we once knew it changed more than it had in the previous 200 years. The Internet revolutionized small business – and continues to evolve at lightning speed. The Internet came with a few caveats, however. It was the great leveler, allowing small business to compete with their larger, slower moving cousins. Suddenly, Small Local Business was just as viable as a Large Corporation. But small business had to adapt their offerings as well – small business was suddenly competing (if indirectly) on the global stage. Enter […]

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Why do my logo colors look different on different screens?

One of the most common questions we get at Tingalls Graphic Design, and one of the most perplexing problems clients can have, is why my logo or company color schemes look different on different mediums. The answer is a little complicated, but first thing – think of buying a television. Think of that wall of illuminated flat screens, glowing in the back of Best Buy or wherever you get your electronics. They all have different features and different technology – sure, they are all TVs, but Sony does it differently than Samsung. Keep that image in your head while you read – the different way things appear on those TVs […]

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Social Media Now More Than Ever

The New York Times reports that a significant portion of its website traffic comes from Facebook. National Geographic reports the same thing as do a half-dozen other major media outlets. This trend has inspired Facebook to launch its new, “instant articles,” an addition to your newsfeed that will unobtrusively offer content from nine major publishers. That means that even more eyeballs will be glued to the Facebook feed. That’s a good thing for social media marketers. It also means that while users will be more focused on the social feed, there will be better, higher quality content to compete with. Make A Social Media Plan Determining where to begin and […]

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The Google Mobile Search Update and Fun Facts

The April 21st Update is almost upon us. We keep checking back to the official Google Webmaster Blog for new updates so we can in turn keep you informed. There’s no news and that’s okay. The “mobilegeddon update” is almost here, and most of those who want or need mobile-friendly updates have them well underway. We still don’t know how this will affect users who are not mobile-friendly by the completion of the roll out and become compliant at a later date. While Google’s search algorithm will always be a mystery (or it would cease to be useful), we do know a few things about the search giant. Those few […]

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