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7 Ways to Stay Healthy and Energized at your Desk Job

7 Ways to Stay Healthy and Energized at your Desk Job | Tingalls Graphic DesignDo you work in an office? If so, then you already know it can be great for your paycheck, but not as great for your health. In fact, sitting at a desk can make you lethargic and lead to weight gain and other health problems if you let it.
The key to that statement, though, is “if you let it.” As it turns out, there are a number of ways you can stay healthy and active, even if your job has you sitting still from 9 to 5 (or longer). Here are a few things you can try starting today…

#1 Exercise before you get to work – You’ll be more energized and focused throughout the day if you have a quick walk or run before you head to the office.

#2 Set a break timer – It’s easy to get engrossed in a project, but make a point of getting up to walk around for a few minutes every 60 to 90 minutes.

#3 Drink lots of water – Dehydration can leave you cranky and un-energized, so skip the caffeine and sip some clean, fresh water every time you take a break. Our owner recently purchased our staff an Ulla Hydration Reminder, a tiny little gadget that attaches to any water bottle. It flashes like strobe light every 30 minutes to remind us to take a sip.

#4 Pack your own healthy lunch – A lot of offices have donuts and other sugary snacks, but you can fend off the extra empty calories (and save money) by packing your own healthy lunch and snacks.

#5 Try a standing desk – It might feel awkward at first, but getting a desk that allows you to stand, at least for part of the day, could make you feel more creative and energized. We love ours pictured here from Ergo Desktop. They fit on top of your existing desk and easily raise with 2 fingers.

#6 Be social – Schedule team builders outside the office, go for walks and plan an occasional game to keep co-workers connected.

#7 Keep a good sleep schedule – Being rested is an important part of repairing your body and your mind. Get plenty of sleep so you show up to work with a healthy mindset.

Any of these tips can help you stay happy, healthy, and energized through a long day at your desk. Give them a try and see for yourself. And, don’t forget to share your own secrets so we can include them in our next post!