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Why Brand Consistency Matters

Why Brand Consistency Matters | Tingalls Graphic DesignFor a lot of business owners, branding can seem like a vague topic that involves market research, focus groups, and the kinds of conversations people have in Fortune 500 boardrooms. But what they might not realize is that branding is just as important—or maybe even more important—for smaller companies.

In particular, small businesses need brands that are consistent from one communication or campaign to the next. The reason is simple: If branding isn’t consistent, then customers won’t necessarily recognize that a communication is coming from your business right away. And, given that smaller companies have fewer chances to make an impression than bigger ones, they have to make each point of contact count.

When a buyer sees your email, your website, or your print ad, they need to be able to tell in an instant that it has come from you. And, what they see when they glance at it needs to reinforce all the messaging you’ve directed to them in the past.
In other words, you’re counting on your branding to tell your story, again and again, in the blink of an eye. If it doesn’t do that, you’re going to miss out on one sales opportunity after another.

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