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Choosing Colors and Fonts That Fit Your Brand

Choosing Colors and Fonts That Fit Your Brand | Tingalls Graphic DesignHow do you choose the right colors and fonts for your logo, website, and other branding pieces? A lot of business owners will tell you they simply choose “what they like,” and that’s not a bad starting point.
But, if you really want to establish and maintain an identity that’s going to help you connect with customers over many years, there are a few things you should consider before making a final decision…
Go for emotion first – Every color elicits a different kind of emotion or response. Some are softer and cooler, while others feel more hot and engaging. Think about the tone you want to set (professional, exciting, soothing, etc.) and pick a color that matches it.
Let your words tell a story – In the same way that colors convey emotion, so do fonts. Some feel more formal, while others are light and whimsical. You definitely want something that’s easy to read at any size or zoom level, but you should also pay attention to what your fonts are “saying” outside of the text itself.
Poll your customers – Ultimately, your customers are the ones who need to respond to your branding and marketing. So, if you aren’t really sure about the new look you’re going for, consider asking a few of them for their opinions.
We often turn to www.design-seeds.com for color inspiration. Their beautiful color palettes are perfect tools to help our clients communicate what colors they are drawn to.
In the end, it’s going to be up to you to choose the colors and fonts that work for your company. But the right design team is going to give you options that are appropriate for your market and personality. Why not reach out to the Tingalls team today and let us start designing the visual presence you need?