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What is SSL and Does My Website Need One?

SSLLately, some of our clients have been asking about purchasing an SSL for their website. Usually, it’s because they’ve heard it’s a big trend in web design and Internet marketing, but might not know exactly what it is or how it can help them. And, there are also scams selling fake SSLs, taking your money and never touching your site.
So, let’s get to the bottom of things by answering a few questions that might be on your mind…
What is SSL?
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and it basically means that a website that’s hosted in this way forms a secure, encrypted connection with each visitor.
You might recognize SSL from a few different parts of your own online life. Banks and financial institutions always use SSL, as do online merchants collecting financial info. Additionally, you’ve probably noticed that some websites come up as “https,” or that some cause an icon to display in your browser that indicates a “secure connection.” These are both SSL indicators.
Why Might You Want SSL for Your Website?
Generally speaking, SSL adds a layer of security to your website. Because it encrypts transfers of data, SSL makes it very unlikely that a hacker would be able to break into your site or keep tabs on information that’s being shared. That makes things safer for you, and more comfortable for your customers.
Additionally, Google’s engineers recently admitted that they use SSL as one indicator of website quality. So, having secure connections to your site could improve your search engine positioning, which is always a positive in an ever-competitive market.
What’s the Bottom Line on SSL?
Most businesses that truly need SSL already have it as part of their hosting packages. That being said, it costs very little to add to your hosting plan, and can help you in terms of customer credibility and search engine position. So, there aren’t many good reasons not to make the leap and improve your website by making it more secure.
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