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Price and Value in Website Design

Price and Value in Website Design | Tingalls Graphic DesignThere are a lot of companies out there offering unbelievably low rates on business website design—both here in Madison, Wisconsin and around the world. You certainly could hire one of them to design your online presence, and you’ll probably save lots of money in the process. But, you might end up getting a lot less than you bargained for…
The reason for this comes down to one simple fact: When you invest in a new business website design, you aren’t looking for a new design, or set of pages. Instead, you’re trying to get a tool that will help you reach new customers and make a great impression on the public at large.
Most low-end website designers do little more than take your logo and content and place them into a pre-made template. They don’t care that your website is going to look like hundreds of others, or that Google and the other search engines aren’t going to pay attention to your web presence. They just want to collect a quick payment and move on.
Make no mistake: It’s easy to get a cheap website. But creating an online home for your business that’s built from scratch, tailored to your company and its customers, and going to be search engine friendly is a much different task. It doesn’t have to break the bank, but you aren’t going to get that kind of work for nothing, either.
Don’t make the classic mistake of confusing price with value in web design. You’ll save a little money up- front, but you’ll find yourself paying for the mistake again and again for a long time to come.
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