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How to Get Subscribers to Open Your Emails

How to Get Subscribers to Open Your Emails | Tingalls Graphic DesignIt’s not easy to find and keep subscribers to your email newsletter. That makes it all the more frustrating when the majority of them don’t actually open your messages.
You can’t get results from your email marketing campaign if no one bothers reading what you send, so how can you get subscribers to make your newsletters a priority in their inbox? Here are a few quick tips to help you out…
Use Catchy, Intriguing Subject Lines
In general, you want your email newsletter subject lines to be short, timely, and attention grabbing. It’s important you don’t go too far to get readers to open your message, though. Anything that looks like spam is likely to either get caught in a filter or be immediately deleted by the recipient.
Make the Most of Your Preview Window
Most subscribers will see your email before they actually read it. That’s because parts of it will appear in their preview pane before they either open the message or move on. Make your newsletter as inviting as possible by including an interesting image on top with a strong opening line, and separating your text into small blocks that look easy to scan quickly.
Provide Links to Read Further
At Tingalls, we encourage our clients to keep the content of their emails short and sweet and provide links to your website where the full article can be read. If you include the whole article in your email, it’s impossible to track the click-through rate to figure out which articles are most interesting to your readers. Plus, once they’re on your site, they’ll most likely click around to read further or check out your specials.
Lead With a Current Topic
Because most of us tend to be short on time, we prioritize our attention, focusing on the things that matter right now. You can take advantage of that fact by tying your newsletter topics into current themes or events. That can catch a subscriber’s eye and convince them to keep reading.
Tease the Next Newsletter
If you’re using an ongoing editorial calendar, consider ending your email newsletter with a preview of the next one. If the topic seems compelling enough, subscribers will actually look forward to your future messages and open them immediately.
Whether you’re just getting started and need a new design or you need a fresh pair of eyes on your current email marketing efforts, we’re here for you! Call 608-268-5525 or email info@tingalls.com.