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How to Stay Creative and Inspired at Work

creativityIn our line of work, inspiring creativity is a must. Generating new ideas and staying motivated on a tight deadline is the lifeblood of our business, and something we spend a lot of time thinking about.
Regardless of your profession, being creative and inspired is a good way to keep your edge and separate yourself from your competitors. Here are a few ways you can stay at your sharpest, mentally and emotionally:
Try to take on projects you enjoy – It’s always easier to be creative when you’re having fun. So, as much as possible, take on jobs and projects you enjoy working on. Be sure to share this with co-workers because you might love doing what someone else dreads.
Make creativity a habit – It’s easier to be creative when you do it every day. Even if your job doesn’t involve writing or designing, try to set aside a few minutes each morning just to let your mind play. There are a lot of fun adult coloring books on the market nowadays and we’ve found Instagram and Pinterest to be a great source of design inspiration.
Look for changes in your routine – Take on a new project at work, switch up your commuting plan, or eat something different for dinner. The occasional change in your routine can unlock new creativity within you.
Get away – Even the most creative minds need to rest occasionally. If you’re having a hard time generating new ideas, see if taking a long weekend or disconnecting from electronics helps recharge your batteries.
Turn to nature – At Tingalls, we’re fortunate to have the beautiful McKee Farms Park nearby to check out nature and enjoy this summer weather. Even a small amount of fresh air on a daily basis can really make a difference.
When you’re feeling creative and inspired, you’re doing your best work. Follow these tips and unlock your inner creative self today!
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