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Get to Know Tingalls: Kallie

We at Tingalls like to think we’re a pretty fun bunch. Get to know us a little bit better as we take turns in the spotlight in the upcoming months. This week, it’s Kallie’s turn!


kallie2015-2Role: Graphic Designer
Has been with Tingalls: 3.5 years
Your role in a few sentences: Concept, design, and refine ideas for logos, print layouts, digital designs and websites. Prepare and send files to press. Occasionally win a game of spoons or two.
Favorite thing about your job: I love the range of projects I get to work on.
First thing you do when you get to work each day: Check my email and google calendar and to plan out my day and then make coffee
A work project you are particularly proud of: J. Henry—I love how the logo turned out. And it is also really exciting to watch a new product go from concept to store shelves! And Joanna Niven Photography—I love seeing someone so excited about the brand identity we created for them!
One of your quirks: Chewing gum at all times
Where you would go if you were invisible: The White House
TV sitcom family would you want to be a member of: The Bluths from Arrested Development—sheer ridiculousness, also the illusions.