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The 3 Biggest Website Design Mistakes

The 3 Biggest Website Design Mistakes | Tingalls Graphic Design As the web has gotten to be bigger and more important, web design has become more crucial to the success of small businesses everywhere. And yet, we continually see business owners (and the creative teams they hire) make a number of unfortunate mistakes again and again.
To help you avoid them, here are three of the biggest website design blunders we are still seeing in 2016.
#1 Creating a Template Website – Your website should not be created from a template. If it is, it will have a generic look, contain lots of unnecessary code, and probably won’t make an impression on buyers. What’s more, you won’t own the design should you decide to part ways with your designer.
#2 Not Thinking of Mobile Customers – Mobile web users (those accessing the internet through smartphones and tablets) now make up more than half of all website visitors. If your pages aren’t responsive and mobile-friendly, then users are going to flock to a competitor’s website.
#3 Forgetting About Your Other Audiences – Making sure buyers notice it is job number one. But, don’t forget that your website needs to be search engine optimized, both for industry keywords and local search traffic. Otherwise, no one’s going to find your company online.
If you or your previous web design team made any of these mistakes, now is the time to fix them. Contact Tingalls Graphic Design today for a free consultation!