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The Best Way to Set Up Your Blog: Subpage vs. Subdomain

Blog as Subpage vs. SubdomainIn our previous series, Blogging 101, we talked extensively about many of the best practices associated with writing a blog. But what about the hierarchy of how your blog is set up? In other words, is it set up as a subpage or a subdomain of your website?
If you’re not a web designer or copywriter, you’re probably scratching your head wondering what the difference is between the two. Have no fear! Tingalls Graphic Design is going to define each of them, as well as let you know which one is the better choice when you have a blog associated with a website.
Your Blog as a Subdomain
In a nutshell, setting up your blog as a subdomain means that the blog is perceived as a different entity by Google and other search engines. It may look the same, and be available through the same navigation bar, but Google doesn’t see it as part of your website. This means that your website doesn’t get any credit for the traffic that comes through your blog. Instead, your blog will be competing with your website for visitors, and ultimately may diminish your website’s authority as the blog’s authority rises. No matter how you look at it, this is bad.
Here’s an example of what a URL with a subdomain might look like. Notice how the subdomain portion of the URL precedes our main domain name: www.subdomain.tingalls.com
Your Blog as a Subpage
This is the optimal way to set up your blog. When your blog is a subpage, it’s part of your website, and is literally a subpage of your main domain (in our case this would be “Tingalls.com”). Since your blog is your source for fresh content, it’s optimal for Google to see that fresh content as PART of your website. This raises your authority, as does every bit of traffic that comes through your blog. When set up as a subpage, your blog essentially makes your website more buoyant — helping your it rise up in natural search results.
Here’s an example of what a URL with a subpage might look like. The subpage always comes after the main domain name: www.tingalls.com/subpage
What is “Authority”
Authority is a fancy way of describing the credibility factor of a website. The more authority, the better the credibility. And with higher credibility comes better search result rankings. Your blog plays a huge role in building authority, and that’s why Tingalls Graphic Design wants to make sure your blog is set up correctly as a subpage.
If you have any questions, or need assistance with your website or blog, feel free to contact Tingalls Graphic Design to set up a complimentary consultation.