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On-going SEO through Blogging

When websites first became popular, it was a milestone for your marketing to just have a website that worked. But, like all technology, the web has continued to evolve – quickly and in many directions. A website for 2015 needs to be not only mobile-friendly, visually stunning and have new content often.
A big measure of how Google rates a website is fresh and continuously growing content. This is a major switch from the website thinking of the early 2000s. Now, to stay well ranked on Google search results pages, you need to be timely and relevant.
More and more successful online brands are making sure they have on-going and continuous content. These changes to content, updates and other related offerings, signal Google that your site – and your business – is alive and thriving.

SEO is Forever
On-page Search Engine Optimization is a holistic discipline; the single most effective aspect – from the point of affordability and management – is the content on your page. Blogs are the single best way to keep your site current and lively in the “eyes” of Google.

SEO Review
Sometimes business objectives change – over time or rapidly because of new product offerings or a dynamic market. This means your current website’s SEO might not match your needs. It’s important to periodically review your SEO and make adjustments.

Everyone is blogging, but few of us know why. Blogs are the single best way to keep your website’s content fresh and up-to-date. Blogs can showcase events, promotions, staff or any other news your organization wants. Blogs written with a mind to SEO are much more effective than blogs that are more off the cuff.

Blogging is a non-invasive way to build your brand, demonstrate your corporate culture and share your success with visitors and prospective clients. A large archive of blogs demonstrates your expertise, focus and longevity, not only to Google, but to customers and clients as well.
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