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Is Guest Blogging Right for You?

Tingalls Graphic Design - Guest BloggingGuest blogging is a fantastic way to build momentum on your website design¬†and in your online community. It might sound counterintuitive, but being included in someone else’s site will help increase traffic to your website. In turn, inviting someone else to be a guest on your blog can do the same.
What is Guest Blogging?
In case you are not familiar with guest blogging, it’s the act of writing a value-added article for someone else’s site or having someone else write for yours. You contribute a post to another person’s blog to build relationships, exposure, influence, and links.

A win-win?

You want your blog to stand out to your audience and you also want to establish yourself as an authority in your field. Creating informative blog posts on your site or another site accomplishes both goals by showing your expertise and developing a solid platform of information. By using guest blogging as a tool to build content, you offer a fresh perspective to your audience.

How can it help your business?

  1. Puts you and your business in front of a new audience
  2. Grows your business as you expand your network
  3. Increases your influence as you build online relationships
  4. By guest blogging you save money – it’s free marketing
  5. It shows your reach and connections within your industry
  6. Helps your SEO strategy through links on other websites

Inviting a guest blogger

Before you agree to let someone write on your blog, read other blogs that they have written. Do they fit the overall vibe of your blog? If so, then make sure you are clear on your expectations when you invite them. It’s fine to let them choose a topic if you trust their judgment. But it’s also acceptable to request a specific high-value subject with a particular industry keyword in mind.

Introduce your blogger

Write a compelling bio to introduce the writer. Why are they relevant? What’s their history in your industry? Then, promote your guest on social media and build up their topic before you post it. Create some anticipation if you can. Including internal links to your other posts within their article is a great way to establish your relationship with them. Remember to thank them and suggest returning the favor if that suits your style.

Becoming a Guest Blogger

If you’re interested in blogging on someone else’s site, you’ll want to do your research first. You’ll want to find a related, mutually beneficial business offering a genuine contribution within your industry or community via a blog. Read some of their most current blog posts. Check out other guest bloggers on the site as well. You want to get a feel for their audience. Engage with the author and the audience beforehand to introduce yourself to the community by posting comments on the blog and social media. Establish your relationship with them over several weeks before approaching them about guest blogging.

Before getting into guest blogging, ask a few questions.

  • Does this blog or blogger have a lot of followers who are regularly posting comments, sharing posts, and otherwise engaging with their audience?
  • Do they have a Facebook or Twitter account where they post a link to their blog?
  • Is it a popular blog within your industry that will increase your SEO ranking?
  • Does the expertise complement yours and does it interest your audience?
  • Have they agreed on a set of guidelines and expectations?

Writing a great guest blog

Once you get the green light, it’s time to think about relevant content that will have a specific call to action and add value to new readers. Include your bio and a great photo to make it easy on your host. Remember, there’s a big difference between selling yourself and offering helpful, actionable information to your readers. Instead, write guest blogs to establish yourself as an authority figure in your field. Introducing your name to a new audience, and building genuine relationships with other bloggers or businesses should be the goal.
You’ll want to put forth your best effort if you’re lucky enough to be invited to write on someone else’s blog. Your current audience may be used to your voice and your way of writing. That crowd probably forgives the occasional style or grammar mistake because they know you have the real knowledge they seek. A new audience will not be so forgiving. Make sure you pay attention to your writing as well as your message and remember to proof and then proof one more time before you submit it.

Tips on creating a readable post:

Step 1: Create a list of topics on your chosen subject.
Step 2: Bundle topics together to create a sensible information flow.
Step 3: Create logical subheadings to help the reader scan for content.
Step 4: Start writing and follow your laid-out logic above.

Blogs should contain:

  • Short, easy-to-read sentences
  • Smooth-flowing paragraphs with TRANSITION words
  • Helpful, meaningful titles and subtitles
  • A solid statement of intent in the first paragraph

The Conclusion – it’ll pay off!

Consequently, as long as you invest the right amount of time and effort in guest blogging, it really is a win-win. You’ll end up with a more substantial website audience and a new network of clients to impress. This is why the content you provide or present needs to be at its best. Unique and informative writing will always appeal to your overall base. The more successful you are in your blog efforts, the less time and money you’ll need in marketing elsewhere.

Need some help?

Tingalls Graphic Design is happy to help you in your guest blogging efforts. We offer a professional “ghost” blogging service. The blogs we provide will be written in the tone and style of your company. We do all the keyword research and create a layout that appeals to your audience. Contact us today to learn more.