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15 Great Blog Topics You Can Use Today

Blog_15tipsEvery marketer on the planet knows you need lots of fresh content to attract attention from Google and succeed with search engine optimization, but getting started on new blog posts can be difficult. It’s incredibly easy to find yourself staring at a blank screen, wondering what you should write about, and end up producing nothing at all.

Because Tingalls doesn’t want to see your content marketing campaigns fail before they get off the ground, today we are going to offer you 15 proven, easy-to-use topics you can use to start your next blog post…

#1 Industry Trends – If there’s something interesting going on in your industry, tell the world about it. Better yet, give your readers some insight into why it’s happening, how it affects them, and what comes next.

#2 Company News
– When your company is changing, your blog is a great place to let the world know. Give customers a “behind-the-scenes” look at what you’re doing to serve them better.

#3 Information on New Products or Services – note that these don’t even have to be your own products or services. If you can comment or give honest feedback on something your readers are curious about, they will appreciate it.=

#4 New Employees and Introductions
– You can introduce new employees to your customers in a blog post that shows off their duties and professional credentials (and maybe even a peek into their personality).

#5 Answers to FAQs
– If customers are always asking you about the same things again and again, why not put the answers in a blog post? You get great content for your site, and customers get a written resource they can turn to later.

#6 A Look at Your Company Culture
– If you have a different philosophy or an extraordinarily special team, highlight your company’s unique culture in an article. This is a great way to win fans and build customer loyalty.

#7 Volunteer Work and Community Involvement
– people love to know that you aren’t just doing great work, but are busy serving the community around you. Aside from the PR benefits of promoting your volunteer work, you might even inspire others to follow your example.

#8 Career Opportunities and Job Postings
– When you’re looking for new team members, be sure to highlight that fact online. Your readers might be a better recruiting resource than any job board ever could be.

#9 Areas of Unique Value
– What does your business do better than any of your competitors? In what situations are your products or services the perfect fit? Outline examples and case studies in your blog posts.

#10 The History of Your Business
– If customers don’t know where your company comes from, give them the story firsthand. Bonus points if you are family-owned-and-operated, or if your company began as a hobby that turned into a labor of love.

#11 Solutions for Customer Worries
– If there is an issue that keeps your customers up at night, consider posting a blog article that addresses the big elements of the challenge and offers a few good solutions.

#12 Your Approach to Customer Service
– If you go above and beyond for buyers, don’t be afraid to highlight that fact (with a few real-life examples) in a public way.

#13 Client Spotlights and Case Studies
– Why not recognize your best customers, give them some publicity, and show how they are making use of your products or services? You’ll need to get permission first, but these kinds of blog posts can be powerful.

#14 Perspectives from Other Professionals or Industries
– Consider inviting someone in a non-competing business to post an article to your blog, especially if they can give your readers valuable insights.

#15 Awards and Accolades
– If you’ve been recognized as one of the best in your field, make sure your fans and customers know.
The great thing about this list is that virtually anyone can use it to generate dozens and dozens of high-quality posts. The bad news? You no longer have an excuse to neglect your blog!