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Do You Really Need a Logo in Digital Marketing

For some reason some entrepreneurs think that if they’re engaging in online digital marketing they don’t really need a logo to help visually define their brand. However, these are the same entrepreneurs that also have varied and scattered brand messaging across all their digital media. They don’t have any elements that cohesively bring their brand value and message together. I’m not saying a logo is the end all be all to bring a brand together, however, it is a visual representation of one’s brand that can easily help prospective clients, current clients and anyone on the Internet recognize and quickly understand what your brand is about.  Online a few seconds […]

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10 Reasons Why Your Website Might be Under-Performing

There are a lot of reasons why websites don’t quite live up to your expectations but, by addressing the following issues you can help boost the popularity of your website, the number of visits you get, your leads and future customers/clients. 1)      You’re not taking advantage of social media – Social media is the modern version of word of mouth advertising and it’s a very important way to reach new audiences and promote loyalty among your current fans. 2)      You don’t have a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) framework built into your site – SEO is constantly changing, but defining your keywords, writing informative and engaging content, and entering your meta […]

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3 SEO Trends, What’s In and What’s Out

Ranking at the top of the search engines is the goal of many websites but not all of them know how to get to the top. There are a variety of different approaches you can take to improve your search engine optimization, some legitimate, others not so much. Tingalls Graphic Design stays on top of SEO trends and always recommends using best practices. To that end, we’ve come up with the latest SEO trends, what’s in and what’s out. IN – Good Content Content is king, especially in the world of websites. Targeting one or two keywords/keyphrases for each page and then using those keywords in content that is informative […]

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6 Website Best Practices to Attract Viewers

Most website are designed to attract viewers and yet there are sites that aren’t putting website best practices into use and are instead turning off customers or not drawing them in in the first place. Tingalls Graphic Design has pulled together six website best practices to help you attract and keep visitors to your website. 1)      Compelling content. The content on your website is meant to attract people and keep them there. If you’re writing for search engines or trying to be too clever with your content you may be turning away visitors in droves.  Tell people what they want to know in a straight forward, succinct manner and only […]

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Go Green – Get Printing

Print Marketing with Tingalls Print marketing may be more energy efficient than you realize and the benefits of using print could boost your company’s visibility too. The following statistics related to print marketing, the paper industry and the environment were presented by NewPage Corporation and provide some interesting insight on sustainability and marketing. Did you know that the creation and delivery of direct mail generates less greenhouse gas emissions than an eight minute shower? In the last 25 year annual energy consumption at US data centers increased by 24% but the pulp and paper industry reduced energy by 24%. The footprint of paper for one 3×5 inch direct mail card […]

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What’s in a Color? The Impact of Color in Branding

Like it or not, people form opinions about your brand every day based of one simple thing: color. In fact, color can increase logo and brand recognition by up to 80 percent! Here are some reasons not to overlook the role of color in your branding efforts. Colors are seen by different age groups, genders and nationalities in many different ways. For instance, orange is highly accepted by young people, while people tend to dislike orange and green the older they get. Even men and women react differently to color. Females generally respond to red better than blue, while men prefer blue over red. Yellow has a higher effective value […]

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PR Is Not Dead … Just like Everything Else, It’s Evolving

Did your first mobile phone come in a briefcase-sized carrying case that you kept under the seat of your car “in case of emergency?” If so, you – like me – are old enough to call yourself a witness to the communications revolution of the last couple decades. As a public relations and communications professional winding my way through this revolution, I attend my fair share of seminars, educational events and networking groups. The content of these meetings and events has obviously changed over the years to address the domination of all things electronic, social, and mobile. And, as such, I’ve been hearing a frequent refrain: PR is dead. Of […]

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The Sure-Fire Approach to Social Media Marketing

I really recommend using digital marketing and social media for your local business to help promote and amplify your brand online, to help drive online engagement with your website and, as a bonus, bring some more sales to you. Where small businesses often get digital marketing wrong is:  digital marketing is not a silver bullet for your company’s marketing.  It’s definitely not the only thing to do, and if you think it’s your sure-fire, quick-fix way to market yourself to a booming business then you’re going to be very disappointed. In my opinion, the biggest benefit of digital marketing is the ability to initiate and foster online relationships by directing […]

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Creating an Effective Landing Page That Leads to More Conversions

A landing page is a web page that targets a particular audience and captures their information, typically through a lead form. A good landing page will be easy and comfortable to navigate and will quickly give visitors what they want. And, in theory, this will increase the number of conversions you have because the process is easier for them. Tingalls Graphic Design has come up with some suggestions to help you make a more effective landing page so you encourage more conversions. 1)      Be clear and concise both visually and with your content 2)      Make sure there is a value to them and that it’s clearly stated 3)      Keep your […]

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What Can You Control and Influence in Your Marketing?

The three circles above represent your marketing (digital or off-line) and your marketing’s ability to attract leads. Your marketing content – the actual messages you communicate and to whom you direct those messages as well as where you distribute them and how frequently — is what you can control. By targeting who it is you are creating your content for, directing your messages to, as well as where you distribute them and how frequently you create and distribute those messages all work to influence those who discover/receive your content and messages to the end goal of those folks inquiring further about your products or services, or even making a purchase. […]

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Boost Your Business through Lead Nurturing

Getting a lead or a hit from a web visitor is a great first step in securing a new customer, but it is only a first step and certainly doesn’t guarantee you’re going to earn that person’s business. And beyond getting their business, don’t you want to keep their business or have them as a repeat customer in the future and then make them an ambassador of your company, spreading the word to their friends and family and turning them into customers too. Lead nurturing is something every business should focus on to get new customers, keep old customers, and convince them to refer others. Hubspot says that “78% of […]

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The Right Words Win

Words are so important in everything we do — they’re a vehicle for communication to drive shared understanding with someone else to build a platform to grow a relationship (learn more about this in GrowLoop’s free ebook). I recently read Rework (Amazon affiliate) by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the founders of 37signals.  I really enjoyed this book because of the authors’ philosophies and approach to business, but also because of its straightforward concise communication  — no extraneous words, everything in there is purposefully written. One idea that stood out was that companies should hire great writers vs. those overly talented in their specific area of skill — unless […]

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Simple Way to Get Buyers to Take Action

If you’re wondering why your website visitors aren’t taking action and clicking on your links, then you may want to consider making a small simple change to how you’re leading them through your sales funnel. A common mistake in designing web pages is to use an underlined word or phrase as the hyperlink to lead the visitor to the page you want them to go. A much more effective method is to simply change the hyperlink into a button.  Buttons are much more intuitively click-friendly. Oh, and color makes a difference. The Mequoda group reports a split test where the only variable on the landing page was the order button […]

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Convenience Does Not Need to be Expensive

Eight dollars a gallon seems like a lot to pay for anything.  It seems like a crazy amount for something as simple as sugar water, or more specifically a cold soda.  But on a hot day when you’ve been sweating hard and you just finished filling up with gas, that big number seems reasonable.  At least when they put it into nice, cold and refreshing liter size bottles.  If you were not at a place that relied on your convenience to mark up prices you may think twice about paying eight dollars for multiple gallons of soda. This paying extra for convenience is completely understandable, but what if you didn’t […]

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Royal Family is Expecting – Tingalls is Also Expecting

A new look! Today the royal family announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting a royal baby. It seems like the perfect opportunity to announce that Tingalls is also expecting a new look and much more! Currently, the office is under construction as we revamp our entrance and add a private conference room. In addition, we’ve changed the company name from Tingalls Dzyn to Tingalls Graphic Design, LLC. Check our Facebook Page to see the construction process and to see our new branding unroll. At the beginning of November the Tingalls Graphic Design team each unveiled a new look for the company branding and a few logo ideas. […]

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Mac Security Alert

Many Macs are vulnerable due to publicized but unpatched security issues with Safari. Square Circle Consulting, LLC recommends the following for users running versions of OS X prior to Lion: Switch to a browser that’s being kept up-to-date, such as Firefox, and stop using Safari. Select Apple menu->Software Update… and install all security-related updates such as Security Update 2012-004 and Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 10. Run up-to-date commercial anti-virus software. Prepare to upgrade to OS X 10.7 Lion or 10.8 Mountain Lion. Background Historically, Apple has only released comprehensive security updates for the current and previous versions of Mac OS X. The day after the release of […]

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