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Print Design Still Matters More Than You Think

Are printed graphic design pieces and printed advertising still relevant in the digital age? The answer might surprise you. Although the Internet certainly is changing the way we do almost everything, print doesn’t still just matter, it might even be coming back into style.
Of course, that implies that it ever went anywhere at all. Just as the US still does most of its business with Canada and Mexico while Chinese factories dominate the headlines, print has been there all along helping smart businesses put together profitable campaigns – even while search engine optimization, social media marketing, and business web design have become hotter and hotter topics.
And as we said, print isn’t just still here, but is actually thriving these days. Here are a few of the most important reasons why:
More companies are going digital. Imagine for a moment that all horses look like zebras. Suddenly, one that was all black would seem incredibly remarkable. In some ways, the same thing is happening with print marketing. As more and more of the world goes digital, those printed fliers, brochures, and mailers stand out more… and attract more attention.
Printed pieces are more durable and memorable. One of the challenges in business web design is recognizing the fact that, if you don’t catch a person’s attention in a few milliseconds or less, they are likely to click elsewhere in an instant. While the same principle holds true for print marketing, the effect isn’t as profound. Not only do people tend to examine printed pieces longer (because they are physically holding them), but they can realistically set them aside and come back to them later – something that’s almost never done with websites. In fact, one of our newest customers was on our Fresh Ink newsletter mailing list and kept an article of interest on file for reference for three years before reaching out to Tingalls for her new start-up business logo design.
There are things you can only do with print. If you’ve ever seen an unusual sales letter, or an outdoor billboard that was constructed into an unusual shape, then you probably have a sense of what we mean. Because paper’s physical, it can be used in some ways that websites can’t, and those uses can sometimes create a powerful visual impression that you can’t match online.
Most of us like to unplug sometimes. Obviously, we are huge fans of the web. But, nearly everyone wants to escape the glowing screen that’s usually in front of them from time to time, and print marketing can help you stay in front of your customers when they do.
Could new printed pieces feature into your marketing and advertising mix? Now is the perfect time to talk to a member of the Tingalls Graphic Design team and see how – call or email us for a free consultation today.