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Why Professional Website Designers Give You the Best Chance at Professional Results

We live in an interesting time as far as business web design and online marketing are concerned. On the one hand, there are more tools than ever that you can use to design a website, and more people than ever taking advantage of them. And at the same time, it’s never been more important to have the kind of site that attracts attention from search engines and sets you apart from your competitors.
Given those two contradicting ideas, can you really get a great deal on a business website by using a template or hiring someone who might not have professional experience (like a student, or a computer-savvy family member)?
The answer depends a great deal on how you define value. If you’re simply looking to put something online that has a mildly attractive layout, and displays on your computer when you type in a certain web address, then you certainly can. In fact, getting a web presence like that probably won’t cost you much money at all.
But, if you want a valuable marketing and promotion tool that makes the right impression, and pays for itself time and time again, then you probably can’t. In other words, that old piece of advice still rings true – you always tend to get what you pay for.
When you work with an experienced and professional web designer, you get a few things you can’t get anywhere else:
Versatility. When you work with a template or an inexperienced designer, you’re going to get a website that looks like all other websites. A professional creative team, on the other hand, can build around your image and business goals to give you the site you really need.
Credibility. Going with a bargain-basement web designer is a little bit like wearing a $20 suit to an important business meeting – it immediately gives you away as a business or professional that isn’t on par with the competition. Why create the wrong impression just to save a few dollars?
Great development. With enough time, almost any artistically minded person can sit down with the right software and create a website that looks great. The real problem, however, is that modern websites aren’t designed to just be beautiful, they have to perform a lot of different tasks to be useful (like allowing for online orders and newsletter sign-ups or displaying correctly on smartphones and tablets).
An online marketing package. These days, business websites and online marketing go hand-in-hand; you don’t want to pay for one without getting the other. Unless you’re getting some great advice and support along with your new site, you’re never going to be able to make it stand out, or see the kinds of business results you’re hoping for.
The right return on your investment. In the end, clients come to companies like Tingalls because they want to get more for their hard earned dollars. They realize that a business website is an investment, not simply another expense. By going the cheapest route, you rarely get a product that will help you be more profitable in the future.
Everyone loves to save money, and it’s understandable to be tempted by all the “unbelievable deals” that are out there when it comes to business web design. Your website is more than a drawing or a few simple few pages online… it should be the most important marketing tool in your company.
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