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10 Tips to a Better Website

Too many people create a website and then just let it sit and expect it to do all the work without any attention. In today’s competitive web environment and with the search engines placing a large degree of importance on recent web information this just isn’t a viable option. If you want to have the best website possible, you need to add updates on a fairly frequent basis.
We’ve come up with 10 small tips that will boost the appeal of your website and make it more effective.
1. Call to Action. Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale. If your website is designed to have people do something, whether it’s make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter, give them that option on every page.
2. Contact Information on the Homepage. Many people come to a website to find a phone number or an email address. By hiding that information in an About Us or Contact page you’re making them click through your site, which can be frustrating. Place your phone number and/or email address on your home page so it’s easy to find.
3. Use Pictures. A huge web trend is to capture your visitors with big and impressive pictures. Make sure you are using pictures that are clear and really say something, using a picture just to use one is a waste of everyone’s time.
4. Give Them Directions. If you want people to show up at your store, then include a directions widget. Tingalls Graphic Design can add this to your website and your customers can get directions from where they are, right to your front door.
5. Go Mobile. More than half of the cell phone users in America are using smartphones, so they’re often grabbing information on the go. Don’t miss out on potential customers by having an outdated website that isn’t mobile friendly.
6. Uniform Company Branding. From your sales tags to the décor of your office to your website. You should always be consistent in your branding so you make the most of that recognition.
7. Lose the Extras. If your website has splash pages and music and other elements that people find annoying when they visit a site, or that slow the loading process, they’ll leave. No matter how beautiful and poignant you think these elements are, it’s simply annoying to others. Your best bet is to lose them and streamline your website.
8. Better Testimonials. Simple fact, when someone says “Company XYZ is awesome, I love them”, most people don’t care, it really says nothing about your company. But when someone writes a testimonial and explains how your company handled a specific problem it feels genuine and really provides added insight into the benefits of your company. And, the more specific you are when asking for the type of testimonial you’re looking for, the easier it is for the person who has to write it.
9. Define your Purpose. Pinpoint one or maybe two things that you want your website to do for you, and that’s it. Then, review the site and make sure it’s targeting those goals. If you’ve got a lot of extra stuff crammed into your website you may be your own worst enemy and pulling people away from your actual goal.
10. Be Social! Social media should be a part of every business today, just like being in the yellow pages was 20 years ago. You don’t have to become a master at everything, just pick one or two outlets that seem comfortable to you and appeal to your customers and then use them regularly. Social media makes friends and friends are great customers.
Contact Tingalls Graphic Design today to get help on one or all of the above tips and start watching the website leads roll in!