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Are You Using Your Website to Build Customer Loyalty?

Although most of our clients come to us for website design to attract new buyers, don’t forget your website can be a powerful tool for strengthening existing relationships, too. This can be a more important goal than you might realize. After all, it takes a lot more time and effort to find new customers vs. maintaining genuine relationships which those companies who have already purchasd from you.
So, how are you using your business website to build customer loyalty?
Here are seven of our favorite tools that help you keep buyers coming back and boost your bottom line:
1. Coupons and discount codes for repeat customers. Nothing says “thank you” like a few dollars off just for repeat buyers. At a time when everyone is giving discounts to new customers, this can be a great way to help your business stand out.
2. Personal notes via social media. While Tingalls’ staff still firmly believe that hand-written notes are still the best way to say “thank you”, putting together a quick, personal message from your social media account can be just as effective.
3. Free tips in your website blog. Sharing a little bit of knowledge and expertise can not only give you more credibility but it can also give your customers a reason to keep coming back to your website again and again.
4. Free samples and other giveaways. Want to test a new product or idea? Why not give existing buyers a free sample and see what they think? Not only do you build loyalty, but you might get some very valuable feedback a purchasing customer might hold back.
5. Customer highlights and success stories. If one of your customers is doing something particularly interesting or noteworthy, why not highlight it and give them a little bit of extra attention? A quick blog post or social media mention is the perfect vehicle for this.
6. Responsive customer service. FAQs, question-and-answer pages, online chat features, and even product videos can all help your customers to get more from what you sell (and make them more satisfied with your company).
7. Make it easy for clients to refer you. Make sure your best customers know that you’d like to have more buyers just like them. Add an “email to a friend” button to your website and encourage clients to use it for easy introductions. It’s a great way to find new buyers and build better relationships with existing customers at the same time.
A great internet marketing plan doesn’t just attract new customers, it also helps you keep the ones you have and build your company’s credibility at the same time. Give us a call at 608-268-5525 to implement one or more of these effective customer loyalty strategies into your website.