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Create an Effective Social Media Plan

It seems we’re constantly barraged with social media today, from friends to corporate marketing strategies and everything in between. Because of the wide use and acceptance of social media it has become a very valuable marketing tool; so how do you take advantage of it to help your business? To create, develop and carry out an effective social media marketing plan there are three steps that you need to follow. The first step is to listen to what people are saying. Follow your company news, customers, clients etc on social media outlets to see what people are saying about you. Listen to both the positive and negative comments and try […]

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Outsourcing Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Have you ever considered outsourcing your marketing or design projects to a freelancer? Did you know it can actually increase your bottom line? By outsourcing, your business can continue marketing in tough economic times and avoid the expense and commitment of hiring additional staff. Remember, the best outsourcing arrangements are partnerships. Ideally at Tingalls Graphic Design, we work with you, not for you. It’s a win-win relationship for both of us. As a business owner and/or decision-maker, consider the following benefits of outsourcing: Controlled Costs Cutting costs may not be the only reason to outsource, but it’s definitely a big one. By outsourcing, money is more readily available for use in […]

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An Easy Way to Incorporate Social Media

Too many people shy away from using social media as a business marketing tool because they feel it’s too difficult or it will take too much time. We think that social media should be an important part of your marketing plan and will be even more important in the future, so we’ve come up with a quick and easy way to check your social media marketing regularly without wasting a lot of time. Facebook Add a post about your company, a link to your blog, breaking industry news, a consumer tip, a contest, sale announcement – anything that readers will be interested in and might encourage participation. If you belong […]

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What is Google +1

Google +1 is different than Google Plus, although they both were rolled out at roughly the same time. The +1 is a way to “like” or recommend a website or business to others while Google Plus is a new social media outlet that is designed to function in a manner similar to Facebook. If you have a Google account, typically this is an email or Gmail account, then you can begin recommending your favorite websites and businesses. Do a simple Google search, of the results that appear you’ll see a small box with a +1 in it to the right of the company name. This is where you click to […]

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Writing for the Web is Different

We firmly believe that if Shakespeare was around today and trying to write for the web he’d fail miserably. And it’s not just Shakespeare that doesn’t translate well from print to the internet, it’s a challenge for most traditional print writers to overcome the differences between print and the web. Web writing is different for a number of reasons the biggest reason is that people want their web content to be found on search engines, so they’re tailoring their writing to use search engine optimization (SEO) strategies which will earn them a higher ranking on a search engine results page. Writing using best SEO practices is very different than writing […]

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How to Create “Link Juice”

Link juice is a search engine optimization (SEO) term you might hear thrown about, but the most basic definition of link juice is link building or sharing the links for companies you recommend and them, in turn, sharing your website link. Link juice is the life blood of search engines and it is something most websites covet. So how do you create link juice and become a part of this search circulatory system? Create content that people will want to link to, that they’ll post, recommend, and refer others to. Basically, the more people that recommend you, the more authoritative or useful you appear to the little “spiders” sent out […]

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What is Link Building and Why is it Important?

A link on a website is a direct connection that when clicked hops the reader directly from your website over to somebody else’s. It’s something most of us use every day when we’re online, even just Googling something and following that link to the company we want is taking advantage of this little bit of technology. Having other websites add a link to your company on their site is considered a rave review by the search engines. Adding more outbound links to your site typically helps your link building but it’s the incoming links that really give you an advantage over your competition. Link building is a proven and verified […]

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10 SEO Tips for Small Businesses

1)    DON’T Get Banned – It seems weird to start a list of things to do with a “don’t” but betting banned from a search engine is the number one thing you do NOT want to happen. Learn the difference between legitimate keyword placement and link usage and the stuffing that spammers use to “trick” search engines to rank them highly. Search engines are cracking down on this and banning repeated violators so it’s key to use SEO techniques as a tool and not to abuse them. 2)    Blog! – There is a catchphrase you’ll constantly hear when talking about websites and search engines and that is “content is king” […]

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Google Analytics: The Next Step

Once you’ve installed Google Analytics and played around with the basic features you can see how it can become a little addicting. Everyone loves feedback and Google is willing to give you tons of it. If you can devote the time to learn how to gather it and then turn it into working information you can gain some really valuable marketing data. Analytics Intelligence Monitor trends in your customer’s viewing habits to see what is driving their visits to your website. Maximize this information by tailoring the reports to suit your company image and marketing efforts to see what’s working for you. Advanced Segmentation With advanced segmentation you can pull […]

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Google Analytics Basics

Now that your website is live, you’ve seen customers interact with you through it and you know that people have found your business after doing an online search and landing on your webpage, then what? Are you getting as much value out of your webpage as you could be? And how do you know what people are responding to when they discover your online presence? Google Analytics is one great way to see deeper into your website and uncover more about the traffic and your marketing effectiveness. Armed with the following information you can find through Google Analytics you’re better able to target your audience, strengthen marketing initiatives and convert […]

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The Most Important SEO Component

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is really a complex field that changes almost daily so if you’re a little confused, don’t worry almost everyone else is too. The key thing to remember is that SEO is crucial in today’s computer driven world, and here’s why. The three big search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) are where most commercial traffic finds websites. If these search engines cannot find your website then almost no one else can find you as well. By optimizing your site to “play nice” with the major search engines you’re more likely to get found by them and by potential customers. In a nutshell, that’s why SEO is important. Why […]

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B2B Facebook Tips

Social media is changing the way people communicate with each other and businesses, receive information, make purchases, and interact daily with the internet. But does your business need a Facebook page? The short answer is yes, in fact the answer is a resounding YES! Why your Business to Business Company (B2B) needs a Facebook page? A Facebook page improves your company’s chance of being found by search engines Free advertising that reaches people who “like” you already Establish a top of mind position with your Facebook community Another communication channel between customers and your business Potential clients ARE on Facebook What ways to improve Facebook interaction? Enable comments, friends cant […]

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Tips for Small Companies to Increase Business

Being a small business, you don’t have the resources your bigger competition does but you do have the advantage of being more directly connected to your clients so how do you turn this into your biggest asset and use it to increase business? Give Them More than They Expect If you promise a client the moon and the stars and fall short of your promises you’re going to look bad and the client may never return. But if you promise them a reasonable and adequate job for a fair price and then end up giving them the moon and the stars that client is not only going to come back […]

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Website Management: 3 Simple Organization Tips

By Gregg Murray, Website Blueprint When starting or revamping your small business website, there is one word that will save you the most time, money, and headaches. The word? Organization. Ready to take a simple, but giant leap toward making your business life a whole lot more efficient for yourself (and whoever you’re paying to help with your website)? Tip 1: Create a Special Folder in “My Documents” Your website information needs to have a single, designated folder on your computer. Go into your “My Documents” folder and create a new folder called “Website Stuff” or any other name you choose. Everything that has to do with your website, be […]

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Is Word-of-mouth really a Successful Form of Advertising?

How many of you say that word of mouth advertising is your main form of business growth? Yeah, we did too. Contrary to popular thought, word-of-mouth isn’t a magical phenomenon that happens without any effort, as Tara and I were reminded Friday at a seminar given by Matt Hackett of the San Francisco advertising agency Hackett and Tate. Let’s start here. What company comes to mind when I give you the following industries? – Local car dealer? – Furniture store? – Fast food restaurant? I bet you could name one company for each category instantly (mine just in case you were curious – Smart Motors, Don’s Home Furniture, McDonald’s). This […]

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