Create an Effective Social Media Plan

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

It seems we’re constantly barraged with social media today, from friends to corporate marketing strategies and everything in between. Because of the wide use and acceptance of social media it has become a very valuable marketing tool; so how do you take advantage of it to help your business?

To create, develop and carry out an effective social media marketing plan there are three steps that you need to follow.

The first step is to listen to what people are saying. Follow your company news, customers, clients etc on social media outlets to see what people are saying about you. Listen to both the positive and negative comments and try to uncover the motivation behind their comments. This is not just your first step, but should become the bedrock of your social media marketing platform. Keep listening.

A lot of social media data is great, but if you don’t analyze it it’s pretty much meaningless. Creating a company process for compiling and analyzing your social media information is integral to your success. This may take some work because every company is different and has different marketing needs. Be sure to not only identify what information is important to you, but how you’re going to capture it also. Regular reviews of this process are important as social media changes very frequently.

The final step to creating a successful social media campaign is act on it. Too many companies capture information and review it and come up with great action plans that they never follow through on.

While some social media campaigns may get much more involved and complex than this, the successful ones all have these three elements in common; listen to the audience, analyze data, and acting on their social media marketing plan.

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