Google Analytics Basics

Now that your website is live, you’ve seen customers interact with you through it and you

Google Analytics Basics

know that people have found your business after doing an online search and landing on your webpage, then what? Are you getting as much value out of your webpage as you could be? And how do you know what people are responding to when they discover your online presence?

Google Analytics is one great way to see deeper into your website and uncover more about the traffic and your marketing effectiveness. Armed with the following information you can find through Google Analytics you’re better able to target your audience, strengthen marketing initiatives and convert more eyes into actual customers.

Analytics Intelligence

Google Analytics will monitor your reports for you and you’ll be instantly notified if a change in data patterns is discerned. Or create your own customized variables and receive notifications when you’ve hit those targets.

Advanced Segmentation

With advanced segmentation you can pull out subsets of traffic for closer inspection.

Flexible Customization

Create customized reports that list the information you want in a way that is easiest for you to digest and compare. This is a wealth of audience specific information that will help you create more targeted marketing campaigns and develop a deeper understanding of your customer.

Ecommerce Tracking

This “show me the money” feature lets you see what campaigns and keywords prompted transactions. You can pinpoint your revenue sources and begin to really sculpt your company message.


Set goals for yourself and your business and use Google Analytics to see if you’re hitting those goals by tracking sales and conversions. Google Analytics helps you measure your site’s engagement goals against predefined threshold levels.

Mobile Tracking

Smart phones are becoming an instrument of daily life allowing people to do more with total immediacy. Track your mobile websites and apps to see how this every changing and growing market is responding to you.

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