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Facebook for Business to Business

Social media is changing the way people communicate with each other and businesses, receive information, make purchases, and interact daily with the internet. But does your business need a Facebook page? The short answer is yes, in fact the answer is a resounding YES!
Why your Business to Business Company (B2B) needs a Facebook page?

  1. A Facebook page improves your company’s chance of being found by search engines
  2. Free advertising that reaches people who “like” you already
  3. Establish a top of mind position with your Facebook community
  4. Another communication channel between customers and your business
  5. Potential clients ARE on Facebook

What ways to improve Facebook interaction?

  1. Enable comments, friends cant engage if they can’t comment
  2. Well spaced posts, don’t inundate friends so they feel spammed and don’t ignore them either
  3. Be conversational, don’t simply offer specials and deals but use posts that encourage conversation
  4. Participate in conversations on your page once people start communicating
  5. Respond to other people’s posts, it creates a friendly  “I care” feeling

What a B2B shouldn’t post on Facebook?

  1. Complaints or specifics about your clients
  2. Intimate personal details about your life or that of friends/family
  3. Things that may be offensive, i.e. the old standard of never discussing politics or religion over dinner (obviously if this is your business then you get an exemption here)
  4. Business secrets, your competition is probably watching
  5. Expletives or other offensive language

Starting a Facebook page for your business is a relatively easy process, its free, it doesn’t take long, and isn’t a huge time commitment if you don’t want it to be. This is a winning strategy that every B2B should take advantage of immediately.