Are You Effectively Using Your Mobile Marketing Budget

Mobile Marketing Budget Tips

Mobile Marketing Budget Tips

The phone, or mobile device, has evolved so much that people now carry their photos, their calendars, their personal data with them at all times and constantly refer to it to stay connected with loved ones and the world around them. Obviously, this hasn’t gone unnoticed and marketing to people on mobile devices has become a huge business. In 2012 mobile ad spending in the United States is expected to hit $2.6 billion and by 2015 it’s predicted to be slightly less than twice that amount. But is this money being spent effectively?

Many people are having a hard time adapting to this new technology and are approaching it as they would previous marketing avenues. A mobile device is very personal and the user expects it to cater to their specific desires and needs, they do not expect it to behave like a television or a radio that is catering to hundreds if not millions of people in the same way at the same time. Mobile marketing should be designed to hit your target audience only and should reach out to them in a way that has significant appeal.

This means that while you may be spending a fortune reaching out to everyone on a smartphone you may not actually be hitting your target audience in a meaningful way or at all. In fact, you could be alienating them and chasing off future potential clients. A smarter approach would be to do some research and find out who your customers are, what they use their mobile devices for, what their concerns related to your industry are and how you can help them overcome those concerns. This type of mobile marketing makes for much happier customers and a more successful mobile marketing budget.

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