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What is Link Building and Why is it Important?

A link on a website is a direct connection that when clicked hops the reader directly

Link Building for SEO

from your website over to somebody else’s. It’s something most of us use every day when we’re online, even just Googling something and following that link to the company we want is taking advantage of this little bit of technology. Having other websites add a link to your company on their site is considered a rave review by the search engines. Adding more outbound links to your site typically helps your link building but it’s the incoming links that really give you an advantage over your competition. Link building is a proven and verified way to improve your SEO and if that’s important to you, then links should be as well.
Why are links important? Well, as mentioned above, they’re considered a referral from another website. The search engines look at this when they’re doing their rankings to determine if one site is more legitimate or valuable than another. Imagine company A and company B both sell cogs. Company A has no one linking to them but company B has connections with hundreds of companies in the field, this tells the search engines that B probably has a better reputation, is more established, and preferred by people looking for cogs. Basically, this means that company B will rank higher in a search for cogs or cog manufacturers.
You can build links on your own without assistance from outside companies and often this is the best way to go as links come about as a result of social relationships, brand building and recognition, customer recognition and company reputation. These are things that a company earns over time and can’t be bought. But link building companies can identify opportunities for you to pursue and can help you reach out and grab those important links.