How to Incorporate Social Media into a Print Campaign

Social Media and Print Advertising

Social Media and Print Advertising

A recent study by the Pivot Conference discovered that 37% of marketers plan to be more active in their social media campaigns in 2012. Why the push for social media? It appears as though people are beginning to grasp the benefits of a social media arm inside of their marketing strategy.

There are a number of different ways to incorporate social media into your customer outreach programs but most of them are web based. How can you use your print marketing to boost your social media interaction?

The easiest way to bring social media to your print materials is to include your social media information, Facebook web address, your Twitter account, information on your LinkedIn page, etc. Don’t leave all of your social media marketing up to your web business, expand and think outside of the box.

Think QR code. QR codes are a type of UPC code that is scanned by a smart phone and directs the user to a specific webpage or information. These can be tailored to do just about anything you want, but if  you’re thinking about going for that social group, try having a QR code that brings up your Facebook page.

If you’re going to start hosting Twitter events, make sure you advertise your hashtags in your marketing materials to encourage new participants every chance you get.

The more you invest in your social media, the more you’re going to get out of it. Contact Tingalls Graphic Design if you’d like to incorporate social media into your print advertising.

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