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How to Create “Link Juice”

Link juice is a search engine optimization (SEO) term you might hear thrown about,

Link Juice for SEO

but the most basic definition of link juice is link building or sharing the links for companies you recommend and them, in turn, sharing your website link. Link juice is the life blood of search engines and it is something most websites covet. So how do you create link juice and become a part of this search circulatory system?

  1. Create content that people will want to link to, that they’ll post, recommend, and refer others to. Basically, the more people that recommend you, the more authoritative or useful you appear to the little “spiders” sent out by the search engines to crawl the internet looking for good sites to rank on page one.
  2. You can submit your website to a web directory. Yes, there are other ways to search for companies online other than the search engines, they’re called web directories and two of the big ones are DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory. There are also some industry specific ones that may be useful. They’re not the end all be all of link juice but it’s another step in the right direction.
  3. One simple way you can increase link juice is through your legitimate business interactions. Let’s pretend you are a hair stylist and you use one brand of shampoo exclusively. You should mention that on your website and provide a link to their site so readers can learn more about that shampoo. Then ask that shampoo company if they’ll link back to you, a well respected client who promotes their products.
  4. You can syndicate your own articles on sites such as Hubpages, Squidoo, WordPress and Weebly and then refer back to your website. You’re basically creating your own links to your company in this situation. But a word of advice, if you’re using the exact same content in your blogs and each of these sites you might get flagged by the search engines, they hate plagiarism.
  5. Press releases can create link juice for your company, so if you have anything to announce, do it in a press release and submit it to PRWeb to take advantage of the link juice there.
  6. You can also establish authority and some link juice by participating in forums and leaving your link behind. There is no end to the number of forums out there but one great one that can be very industry specific is Linked In. Answer questions that outsiders are asking and they just may come over to your site to purchase your products or hire you for a service.