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Google Analytics: The Next Step

Once you’ve installed Google Analytics and played around with the basic features you can

Google Analytics

see how it can become a little addicting. Everyone loves feedback and Google is willing to give you tons of it. If you can devote the time to learn how to gather it and then turn it into working information you can gain some really valuable marketing data.
Analytics Intelligence
Monitor trends in your customer’s viewing habits to see what is driving their visits to your website. Maximize this information by tailoring the reports to suit your company image and marketing efforts to see what’s working for you.
Advanced Segmentation
With advanced segmentation you can pull out subsets of traffic for closer inspection. This takes the basic analytics a step further and lets you break out your traffic by specified categories. Let’s say you have a new ad campaign in one region and through advanced segmentation information  you see its drawing a lot more people in to your stores in that area. Now you know that your new campaign is working and can funnel more resources into it.
Flexible Customization
Create customized reports that list the information you want in a way that is easiest for you to digest and compare. This is a wealth of audience specific information that will help you create more targeted marketing campaigns and develop a deeper understanding of your customer. The best thing with flexible customization is you can make it easy for you to read; pull the information you care about most to the top and ignore the rest.
Ecommerce Tracking
This “show me the money” feature lets you see what campaigns and keywords prompted transactions. You can pinpoint your revenue sources and begin to really sculpt your company message. Pay particular attention to the keywords to see which ones your audience is responding to and then take advantage of that knowledge through blogs, advertising, and SEO copywriting.
Set goals for yourself and your business and use Google Analytics to see if you’re hitting those goals by tracking sales and conversions. Google Analytics helps you measure your site’s engagement goals against predefined threshold levels.
Mobile Tracking
Smart phones are becoming an instrument of daily life allowing people to do more with total immediacy. Track your mobile websites and apps to see how this ever changing and growing market is responding to you.
Want more guidance on how to read/digest your analytics? Can read them but don’t know how to improve them? Give us a shout to set up a time to review these with Kristin, Tingalls Graphic Design’s resident SEO guru.