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Why Logos Should Never Start with Clipart

Blog9_clipart_logoThere aren’t a lot of hard and fast rules when it comes to designing logos. But, there is one piece of advice we could give to every designer and client in the world:
You should never start designing a logo from a piece of clipart.

Why do we have such strong feelings on this matter? Let’s explain…
Great Logos Are About Creativity
A logo has to be original, and should be created specifically for a certain business or organization. That’s essentially the opposite of what you get from a piece of clipart. Our logo design process begins with a thorough intake of our client’s background, their target audience and what makes them unique. All this information is then given to our entire creative team, which brainstorms and sketches together to develop design concepts.
You Want a Logo to Be Unique
If your logo is based on clipart, there’s a pretty good chance that someone else in your industry is using that same piece of art. Branding is all about embracing how you are unique in a very crowded marketplace. Having a similar logo as a competitor not only infringes on copyright but it’s also very confusing for consumers.
Aren’t sure if your logo uses a piece of copyright artwork? Simply upload your logo design to https://images.google.com and see what results come back. Hopefully nothing but if you find something too similar, it’s time to redesign and we’d love to help!