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Why Your Business Needs a Logo Branding Guide

branding fonts and colorsDoes your company have a logo branding guide? If you’re scratching your head, probably not. A branding guide is basically what it says, it’s a manual with specific “rules” for how your company logo is to be used.

While some of the items included in the guide may seem trivial or small beans, the guide makes sure everyone is on the same page as it pertains to logo reproduction, color, sizing, font usage and more.

Consistent branding is a must for companies because it builds brand credibility in the eyes of your consumers. Your company has probably, collectively, spent a lot of time and energy coming up with the perfect logo and brand image to quickly and easily identify to the public who you are and what you do. By creating a logo branding guide you enhance each and every one of your marketing and sales efforts by insuring that your positive impact is maintained.

The guide isn’t just for internal use, imagine all of the third party companies you deal with that help you advertise, design, photograph, print, create etc. By providing them with the guide, you instantly clear up a lot of confusion regarding how your logo should look and how it best represents your company.

The following are some suggestions for what you should include in your company’s logo branding guide.
1)    A complete brand description that encompasses who you are, what you do, how you do it and any company positioning you may have.
2)    A well thought out list of situations where your company brand and logos can be used and where they cannot.
3)    Your preferred tone and use of particular words that relate to your company brand.
4)    Graphic elements: colors, dimensions, lines, any accent or diacritical marks, trademark information, image styles, etc.
5)    Typographical elements: font(s), point size, line length, line spacing, tracking, kerning, etc.
6)    Any reproduction guidelines.

At Tingalls, we believe in the importance of a branding guide, so we include this as a service with logo design. Inside you will find specific pantone colors and fonts used in your logo for matching other marketing materials, the smallest allowable size and a zip drive of various file types and color versions (grayscale, black and white, 2 color, reverse) of your logo. Our clients have found this to be a very valuable tool as they move ahead and their businesses develop.