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Why the Best Logos Are the Simplest

Logo DesignsSometimes, when clients come to us for logo design, they ask that lots of different elements be incorporated into their visual identity. Their enthusiasm is understandable, but we always like to remind them that the best logos are the simplest. Less is definitely more when it comes to logo design.
The reason is pretty simple: A logo is all about showing identity and personality. Its job is to generate an instant impression. When a logo is simple, it only takes a fraction of a second for a viewer to understand. It’s more memorable because it conveys instant meaning.
When you lose simplicity, you introduce clutter and confusion. People have to stop and think about the logo, and what it might mean. That’s the opposite of what you’re shooting for, especially given that repeated exposure at an almost subconscious level is what makes your visual identity work.
Take our advice: If you want a great logo, let our design team come up with something that’s simple, elegant, and impressionable. You can always add those additional branding elements to your website, business card and print pieces.
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