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7 Ways to Ninja the Hackers Away From Your WordPress Website

Are you worried about hackers getting into your WordPress business website? If so, you certainly aren’t alone. Cyber threats are a much bigger concern than they used to be, and with so many large organizations being affected by online attacks, smaller businesses are paying more attention to online security than ever before. While it’s true that a lot of smaller companies and organizations are susceptible to cyber hacking, it’s generally because they don’t follow basic online security best practices. To help you avoid being an easy target for thieves on the internet, here are seven ways you can keep hackers at bay from your WordPress site… #1 Use Strong Passwords … Continue reading

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6 Reasons Why DIY Websites Are Not Effective

Have you ever watched one of those do-it-yourself shows on television? They don’t just make it look easy to renovate a bathroom or a kitchen, they make it seem like fun! Of course, the reality feels just a little bit different when you’re knee-deep in broken tiles. The same analogy could easily be used for DIY websites. No matter where you look these days, there is a new service offering you a set of ready-made designs and templates at virtually no cost. It makes you wonder why you would spend your money hiring a professional web designer when you could just make a website on your own. Here are 6 … Continue reading

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Do You Want the Cheapest… or the Best Website Design?

Most business owners don’t have the time to scout and select a new web designer. Instead, they need to find a stable team who can build and maintain a successful online presence that will be useful and profitable for their company for years to come. However, web design is not an area where most businesses have a lot of expertise, so they go with what they think is most efficient and most profitable. We can easily compare the website design process with another situation where the average consumer has to make a huge buying decision that they’ll have to live with for a few years – the process of buying … Continue reading

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