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What Cats Know About Social Media Marketing

Forget ad agencies, YouTube Stars, and reality
television personalities – thetingalls_kitty real winners of the social media revolution have been ordinary house cats. No matter where you look, they are chasing yarn, being “jerks,” and launching new memes. Cats probably collectively generate billions of likes and shares every week. And best of all, they do it without even trying.
Regardless of whether you’re a devoted cat fan, or more of a dog person, you’d have to admit that felines get their fair share of attention on Facebook and Twitter. And for that reason, they are the true masters of the medium.
It’s often been said that even if cats could talk to you, they wouldn’t. But supposing that they could communicate in full sentences, and we could somehow convince them to do so, here are a few things they might tell us about social media marketing…
Fun Beats Informative On Social Media
You could have a team of scientists sitting in a TV studio explaining the best ways to lengthen your life in one post, and a kitten chasing a laser pen shot on an iPhone in the next. Which one do you think would be more likely to gather views?
On social media, it’s all about having fun and attracting attention. That doesn’t mean you have to go overboard, but when possible you should seek to entertain your fans and followers first and educate them about what you want to sell second.
Images and Videos are a Must-Have
Cats are such a big hit on social sites because they are extraordinarily photogenic. And, as you’ve probably realized by now, images and videos are the preferred medium for bored people who are scrolling through their feeds.
Try to find ways to distill your marketing messages into brief clips or pictures with text. Your contacts are much more likely to notice these – not to mention share them – than they are a long-winded story that’s written in paragraph form.
It’s All About Shares
Cat videos rarely show up on just one person’s feed. Instead, they begin in one place and start to spread around to other users. Eventually, they end up on thousands of profiles spread throughout multiple platforms. That’s viral marketing at its best.
Generating traction with your most committed fans and followers is one thing, but the real secret to success on social media is earning shares. With one click of a button, you can open your messaging up to an entirely new audience…and one that might be bigger than yours.
You’re probably not going to get any real secrets on social media marketing, or anything else, from a conversation with your cat. But, by studying what it is social media users like about them so much, you can find new ways to generate content, elicit a response from your audience, and see your messaging spread all over the Internet. And afterwards? Maybe then you can have a long nap!
If you’re looking for feline-strength Internet marketing that won’t break the bank, it’s time to schedule a meeting with our creative team and see what we’ve been able to do for other businesses just like yours!