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Social Media Now More Than Ever

The New York Times reports that a significant portion of its website traffic comes from Facebook. National Geographic reports the same thing as do a half-dozen other major media outlets. This trend has inspired Facebook to launch its new, “instant articles,” an addition to your newsfeed that will unobtrusively offer content from nine major publishers.
That means that even more eyeballs will be glued to the Facebook feed. That’s a good thing for social media marketers. It also means that while users will be more focused on the social feed, there will be better, higher quality content to compete with.

Make A Social Media Plan

Determining where to begin and end, what your goal is and how to share that with your audience is important. It will make your content creation go much faster.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so use them in your social posts. Eye grabbers become clicks. To take it a step further, video is worth about 30,000 words per second (you know, at 29.97 frames per second), so don’t be afraid to add that to the mix.

Follow Your Plan

It’s true that no strategy survives contact with the enemy, but doing your best to stay the course helps your audience know what to expect. Minor variations won’t affect much.

Be Consistent

Another tip for managing and increasing social media engagement is regular, consistent posting. Sort of like playing basketball, the more you shoot, the more likely you are to get points. In this case, you want to be providing engaging content on a regular basis.

Don’t Take Your Social Too Seriously

Yes, you’re trying to increase sales, clients and ultimately revenue. You’re also playing on Facebook. Don’t be afraid to show a little bit of your corporate culture, your interests or team. It makes you more real, and that will increase engagement.
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