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Google and Twitter: Partners

Google and Twitter PartnershipThere’s a lot happening in the web-marketing world, specifically the re-unification of two giants. We’re talking about the new Google/Twitter Partnership. This coincides with rumored talks between Apple and Twitter to incorporate Tweets into the iOS and OSX search feature.

Google and Twitter Together Again

In the not too distant past, Google used to index tweets. That means all the hash tagged nonsense, that appears at a rate of roughly 8,700 tweets per second was crawled and categorized by Google’s indefatigable bots. Google and Twitter parted ways in 2011.

More Social Exposure

The new partnership, roughly slated for May(ish) will give Google full access to every tweet. Ever. That’s a lot of data. Even when you dismiss all the nonsense updates and awkward selfies, we’re talking about thousands of posts per second. They may not all necessarily become part of the long-term index.
An interesting side note to this is that Twitter has seen its core user base decline in engagement by about 20% each year for the past two years. Twitter holds the smallest market share of the major Social Media networks. This alliance with Google will change everything – dramatically. By allowing Google to access previously proprietary communications and incorporating them into search engine results pages (SERPs), Twitter has increased its audience by 1000%. Non-tweeters will now be exposed to Twitter messaging. These messages will likely be incorporated into the Knowledge Graph (Google’s relational semantic index).

Social Media Steps

SEO and Social Media Marketing Experts are suggesting two things and we agree with them. The first is to hold fast. We don’t know how exactly this new influx of mega data will be used or displayed in SERPs. The other piece of advice that seems to be a unilateral consensus is use Twitter now.
Twitter, a micro-blogging feed, is very much like the Old West. It’s wild and hard to control, there are tides of movements and fads, it is user generated journalism, commentary and critique, with a planet-wide reach and very little to hold it back.
The largest problem business owners and marketers have with Twitter is “what do I tweet about?” Once, we saw a Twitter feed that posted 140 characters of the Iliad every day. Did we follow it? You bet. Of course that’s a rather unfocused and esoteric use of this great tool.
At Tingalls Graphic Design, we work with our clients to establish social media marketing goals and create an editorial calendar of posts and tweets that coincide with real-time events, and long-term strategies. If you want to know more about our social media and digital marketing services, or just want someone to deal with your Twitter feed, give us a call (or an email.)

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