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Benefits of Email Marketing for Realtors

Email marketing – when done right – provides a great opportunity to grow your client base.

What is email marketing?
– A piece of your marketing strategy to stay top-of-mind
– A way to be seen as an expert in your industry; the “go-to” person
– An avenue to keep in touch with prospects to turn them into clients
Is it effective?
Email marketing is most effective when you provide valuable, timely information. Keep your newsletter to 2-3 short snippit articles that direct folks to your website for additional information. Remind them why you are unique, i.e. You specialize in new home buyers, condo sales, etc.
** For sample articles, see below.
Recommended timing
You want to be helpful but not annoying. We recommend sending only 1-2 emails per month. It only takes one too many touches for the recipient to click unsubscribe, so be respectful and keep the content relevant.
How do I develop a mailing list?
Be sure your website offers a place for visitors to self-subscribe to your mailing list. Only require first name and email to sign up. Remember, you’re promising to deliver something of value. Deliver on that promise or they’ll tune out or unsubscribe. Also, be sure your emails have the “Forward” button on the bottom so it can be shared with family & friends.
Tingalls Sample Article Ideas
If copywriting isn’t your strong suit, don’t fret. Link to a relevant industry journal or newspaper article. Invite guests to write relevant content, i.e. Loan officers, Appraisers, etc. Below are some ideas we came up with …
– Must-dos before an open house/showing
– Tips on reducing length of time on market
– The ins and outs of price negotiation
– Top 5 frequently ask questions when buying/selling a home
– Staging tips & tricks
– Financing options, i.e. How much do I need for a down payment?
– Considerations for choosing a good realtor
Where do I Start?
We recommend Constant Contact because it’s very user-friendly and they offer insightful reporting services. And, their monthly services start at only $15 per month. Simply create an account, we’ll login to design your template and poof – you’re set!
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