What Can You Control and Influence in Your Marketing?

GrowLoop Marketing Affect

GrowLoop Marketing Affect

The three circles above represent your marketing (digital or off-line) and your marketing’s ability to attract leads.

Your marketing content – the actual messages you communicate and to whom you direct those messages as well as where you distribute them and how frequently — is what you can control.

By targeting who it is you are creating your content for, directing your messages to, as well as where you distribute them and how frequently you create and distribute those messages all work to influence those who discover/receive your content and messages to the end goal of those folks inquiring further about your products or services, or even making a purchase.

Beyond what you can control and influence there is little you can do to find and/or attract outliers.  Quite frankly, it’s not a good use of your time and resources to worry about the outliers whom you cannot identify well or reach well because you have little control or influence over them.  If you try to be everything to everyone your marketing will fail before it begins.

The point is, whether you’re using a blog, your website and social media in your digital marketing strategy to attract interest and leads to your business, or you’re using direct mail lead generation tactics, you have to have a solid foundation of what your value proposition is (Why others should take notice of what you offer? What problem your product/service solves for them?), and who your ideal client is (What are their demographics, psychographics, personality traits and characteristics?) so you know to whom and where to direct your messages so they resonate with the people who have the specific need your product/service fulfills.

When you can do that you can help potential prospects move along the path you want toward realizing and understanding where your value aligns with their need.  The goal is to build a long-term business relationship that is mutually beneficial.

Guest Blog provided by Nick Venturella of GrowLoop.

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